Day 6! A Toned Bod! A Soaring Soul!


Good evening and great Saturday to yoo all!

Well, today I want to share some huge break-through I have experienced. I have hit a plateau orrr my ideal weight! But! I just gave away my previous skinny jeans and moving towards a skinnier goal!

This feels great! And on the soaring side, and why we promote and encourage an integral plan is… when you stop or cut-down on processed and pre-packaged foods, simple carbs and white pastas your pineal gland gets decalciified. So it’s time to unveil your real YOU! Oh and with a trimmer body, a faster metabolism and a quicker yet quieter brain. Life canot get any better!

Your soul-print and your purpose. What this has meant to me is… more focus, inspiration and a burning desire to help others heal!

Happy soaring!


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Day 4! Emotional Healing on the Go!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re finding our challenge useful for your growth. Why tie emotion to diet? Well, we are setting foth a lifestyle and emotional healing is key for sustainable weight-loss plan.

The principles are:

  1. Whatever is weighing you down is weighing you in and keeping you packing up pounds.
  2. A balanced life needs a healed heart and a positive mind.
  3. Negative emotions will reduce serotonin production and raise cortisol, therefore keeping you hungry and binging.

Dealing with toxic emotions is healing way beyond your diet because it will help you let go of patterns and behaviors that could eventually make you stressed, depressed and eventually ill. One of the first keys when dealing with toxic emotions is: OWNING THEM.

Yes, Owning Them, the emotion is actually how You feel towards any given person of situation. As a Gestalt Psychoterapist, I believe in contact – the +1 party that emerges when two or more people interact. So it is true too that some people will bring out either the best or worst in you. The secret to this is… how long does that emotion last? Does it linger enough to turn into an ache, allergy or conditon?

I cannot continue much longer on this or I’ll write a whole book on it here, Now. The whole idea is to be aware that your emotions are yours. NO person, thing or event makes you feel. You feel.

Just take note, for now. Feed the positives and for all that’s good in you do not feed your fears or your stress.

Happy soaring!


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Lent Day 34 – Time to prep for more!


This is prep day 2!I promised to share some of the benefits of  our program.

  1. On your Body – The diet will help you eat better, free you body of toxins and lose weight. – I will get deeper into our benefits later.
    • Our fitness plan will help you tone, lose fat and above all move your energy.
  2. Mind – healing your emotions will allow for you to travel with less baggage and stop binging.
  3. Spiritually – you will have a closer connection with God, Source, Spirit, the Universe or the Divine as losing emotional and body weight helps you vibrate higher and live a deeper, fuller life.

Nooowww… Do you have your bags or boxes? Well take them out! Go to your cupboard and put inside the box or bag any and all processed and pre-packaged foods except for: canned tuna, salmon or fish; chocolate; sausages, cold-cuts and bacon.

No worries! You won’t throw them away! Now, classify them into whites, sugars, cereals, legumes and bread and pastas. We’ll work with your cupboard box soon!

Smoothie for supper anyone?

Happy soaring!


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Lent Days 12 and 13 – As within so without

Hello All!

I trust our Lent plan is guiding you to some awesome things. How was your weekend fasting? Are you being able to do it?

How about the tips and strategies? What have you discovered or uncovered about yoursel?

So today I will only leave something to meditate on:

As within so without, as above so below. 

Diet, Exeercise, Cleansing your words, Fasting and Meditating.

How has this impacted your life in the past 13 days? How do you think it will impact on your life for the rest of this 2018 Lent?

Happy soaring!

Have a great night!



Lent Day 8 – Set Your Priorities Straight!

Hello again!

Today I’m going to share but a few lines… remember how I shared to work on but 3 habits per day? Well here are a few cues to build PRIORITIES.

  1. Who are you praying to and what are you praying for? In other words, who do you give control over you and your life to?
  2. Who are you loyal to when you eat, move,  plan? An emotion? A trend? Your job?
  3. Who are you working for? What do you want to achieve? How do you want to contribute?

Brainstorm, meditate on those. I’ll help you with some ideas later, as tomorrow we’ll be talking about exercise/ moving.

Have a great night!

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Lent Day 6 – Every Diet and New Habit starts On MONDAY!


If you noticed in my schedule I marked three habits only and I will do that per item, so more then a schedule I have a sketch of must dos that are important before they become urgent.  That’s the first trick.

The second trick is building a sturdy habit. Here are three keys.

Key # 1Make it stick Use an empowering phrase, an acronym or  cheer yourself, but a habit that you remember naturally, is an habit you will keep on doing.

Key # 2Make it easily accessible. E.g. if you want to eat healthier have zippy bags with healthy choices readily available to grab and go.

Key # 3Build it into your schedule. Perhaps you’re a person that easily builds habits and routines like myself. In that case, a defined schedule may be your trick. Too busy a schedule? Also me on some days and circumstances, adapt and be flexible.  For example, break your workout into mini routines  every say 2- 3 hours, move for at least two songs.

Tomorrow I will be talking about mindfulness meditation and prayer.

This Lent period, to get closer to God, destress and get organized. The more you grow, the further you will go. A little order goes a long, long way. Take a small step forward, and  improve your life every day.

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See you soon!
Happy soaring!


Lent Day 3 – What are you grateful for?

In my very peculiar view point a huge part of Spiritual Growth is about gratitude.  I will not write much today… However, I want to share one of my favorite rituals for talking to God.

First thing in the morning and last thing before I sleep I pray. Within my prayer I always give thanks for at least 3 things every day. If you do not pray the ideal practice for this ritual would be to write down three different things every day. Who do you address when saying Thanks? Well, I address God.  How can I be thankful for three different things every day? Three ideas: 1. You can use the candle featured as this article’s image for inspiration; 2. Your relationships; 3. Things that happened in your life or in your day. I trust you can find plenty of reasons by simply using this method. Want to go a step forward? Thank God for the blessings received even if you haven’t received them yet. NO, this will not help you win the lottery; but if you do it with a faithful heart it will give you peace of mind.

This is also for your body, mind and soul; for “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity”. Elie Wiesel.

So, what are you grateful for today?

Happy soaring!


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I hope your spirit is starting to soar!

As you all know, I did a liquid fast yesterday and I feel very energized today!

It is said that the way to create a new habit is to do anything for 21 days. So… 40 should be even better! If you’re anything like I am, you might have created habits in longer than that and broken them in the end because something else (like work, traffic, etc.) got in the way.

So, here’s my tip: build micro habits and stack up on them. For example – meditate for 7 minutes. If you need to, set an alarm as a reminder but try to have as little time of preparation/ transport as possible. And keep a schedule (as a guideline) For example:

Meditation/ Prayer or both! I, personally practice both.

Instead of having to prepare music, cushion, mat, etc…

Try… Concentrating on your breathing instead of music, If you kneel or sit on a lotus flower have a cushion ready by your bed or preferred spot.

Around those micro habits build rituals. By a ritual I do not mean incense and candle burning, not necessarily. What I mean by rituals is for example:

Get up, first thing in the AM give thanks and pray or meditate. THEN drink warm tea or lemon water while… exercise and so on.

Build a schedule AROUND those rituals which represent your most important to do’s If you tackle everyday what is important you will prevent it from becoming urgent. Do the same with your work/business to do items, taking care of the 3 most important at a time. The rest will take care of itself, please believe me on this one…. Or better try it for 1 week. 3 most important, every day. You’ll see the difference!

How do you find the most important? First, take care of yourself: Body, Mind, Soul which is why we suggest exercise, diet and meditation and/or prayer. Get the idea? Remember that without having yourself, you will have nothing… which is also why you should love God first, yourself immediately after and your kindred next.

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Happy Growth!

Have a lovely afternoon!


40 Days of Lent Free Program


Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground. (Psalm 143:10)

Heeey! I know I still owe you from Christmas and New Years and I’ll be finishing both series soon!

My life had been a little bit hectic, as I want to do and share more and more.  A little about me… I am a Christian and was raised Catholic, which means I grew up with a habit of practicing Lent by not eating meat. As an adult, I have made different choices, and yes, I am still a Christian and some Catholic rites still speak to me. However, with time and by reading Scripture, I have now a different concept of Lent.  And no, I am not trying to convert you. Should that be your path, enjoy! Let me go in deeper on the concept of Lent as I now practice it… Lent is to be observed for no other reason but spiritual growth and being closer to God.

Lent practices include: not eating red meat, fasting or avoiding something you love eating as a sacrifice for God. Well, this new way I’m going to invite you to practice Lent is for getting closer to Him and listening better to your Spirit I am, therefore, extending an invitation for you to use the science of the food system to imitate God’s creations (Leaf, 2016, p. 79) and help you heal and grow spiritually.  Due to our level of either intellectual or physical activity during this 40 days, I DO NOT recommend fasting, but in an intermittent fashion.

So here’s the plan:

Fast – Wednesday, February 14.

“Regular” diet Thursday 15 and Friday 16.

Fast – Weekend

“Regular diet Monday – Friday.

Fast – Weekend

And so on for the rest of the 40 days (Tradition marks until Good Friday but if you take it one step further you could make it till Resurrection Sunday.

By fasting, I mean obtaining your foods from liquids as broths, smoothies and juices filled with protein and veggies.

A “regular” diet is rich in all nutrients but sugar, white pasta, simple carbohydrates (which include potatoes and corn) and packaged and pre-processed food (you can eat processed meats and cold cuts, though)

The idea behind this way of practicing Lent is getting you on a regimen that detoxes your body for 40 days, allowing for your Spiritual Growth to soar while paired with the Meditation and Exercise Recommendations I will be sharing with you.

Happy Growth!

See you soon!

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Tons of light and blessings,