One Ingredient at at a Time!


Welcome back! On this one to series… We invite you to try this, substitute one ingredient at a time!

If you’re familiar or have been following my FB group Unshakeable Balance, you already know that I’ve been sharing common recipes, and substituting the high-carb ingredient for a low-carb one. Again, One Ingredient at a time! Our program is to help you heal, eat better, live a more balanced life and MOVE! Our One By One technique is the slow but steady road to dieting… As we practice what we preach, we know that substituting every single ingredient in your meals will make the dish taste completely different. So, instead of accidentally turning your favorite spaghetti and meatballs into zoodles with tofu, replace one ingredient only.

For example, you can start by using whole grain pasta; or if you have a spiralizer, you could try zoodles instead leave the meatballs and sauce as they are. As you know, we’re into eating real foods, and building a sustainable diet, and a sustainable planet while at it, so we suggest you try making your own fresh tomato sauce rather than using a canned variety, very likely to be packed with preservatives.


Balance to Soar!



Every Diet Starts on Monday!

How are you doing?

Sitll  battling with losing weight and all the  diet products?
We can help! We have a diet program that rocks and that will keep you full. That’s right, full as in NOT feeling hungry.

Even better? It will keep you healthier and full of energy. No chemicals added! So here’s our free Sample Menu. Enjoy!

Have a great week!

Happy soaring!



Lent Day 6 – Every Diet and New Habit starts On MONDAY!


If you noticed in my schedule I marked three habits only and I will do that per item, so more then a schedule I have a sketch of must dos that are important before they become urgent.  That’s the first trick.

The second trick is building a sturdy habit. Here are three keys.

Key # 1Make it stick Use an empowering phrase, an acronym or  cheer yourself, but a habit that you remember naturally, is an habit you will keep on doing.

Key # 2Make it easily accessible. E.g. if you want to eat healthier have zippy bags with healthy choices readily available to grab and go.

Key # 3Build it into your schedule. Perhaps you’re a person that easily builds habits and routines like myself. In that case, a defined schedule may be your trick. Too busy a schedule? Also me on some days and circumstances, adapt and be flexible.  For example, break your workout into mini routines  every say 2- 3 hours, move for at least two songs.

Tomorrow I will be talking about mindfulness meditation and prayer.

This Lent period, to get closer to God, destress and get organized. The more you grow, the further you will go. A little order goes a long, long way. Take a small step forward, and  improve your life every day.

If you have any questions, more information or are interested in taking a step further forward, please feel free to e-mail me at:

See you soon!
Happy soaring!



IIIt’s Suuundaaay!!!

Yes, I get excited on Sundays. For me, Sunday’s represent family time devoting, a special time for God, planning my week ahead and seeing the achievements of the past week.

So… for this two days I am going to share 3 tools that work wonders for me.

Tool One is the FoodList – attached to this post – , so you know what to buy and are able to avoid temptation by having access to healthier choices.

Tool number Two is a link to our sample menus for the week, be reminded that in Lent we suggest you fast on weekends (or any 2 days of the week).

Tool number Three is a sample of my Week Plan (document attached to this post). As you will see, it has no schedules. But 3 key habits instead.


Happy growth!

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AKA Menus 101

The following menus were designed from Alkaline, Ketonic, Ayurvedic principles. More recipes and a full explanation on how this diet works will be detailed in further publications.

Metabol-boost Guiding lights:

  1. Eliminate the consumption of the following: sugar (white and brown), excess salt, processed, packaged and canned foods and juices – except for tuna, salmon (both in water), ginger leaves and prosciutto. Anything white, If it’s white, it’s processed except for coconut meat, guanabana and snow.
  2. Avoid or reduce to the minimum the intake of: red meat, pork, and starchy carbs like potatoes and corn; flour, yeast and all types of bread.
  3. Prefer room temp, warm or chilled to cold ones. Drink plenty of plain water or ginger and lime water. Add stevia and/or a spice to your drinks to make your metabolism a bit faster.
  4. Avoid Dairy Products. – greek yogurt and yogurt can be an exception along with white cheeses such as: fresh, mozzarella, feta and goat cheese – in small portions all.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes after every meal and then walk for 10 or 20, so long as it’s not too sunny. After every meal.

Rules for building meals:

  1. Every meal should contain: one portion of protein, one portion of fiber and one (small) of complex carbs eg fruits or whole grains.
  2. Allowed dairy products, eggs and cereals should not be consumed more than 3x per week (that is on 3 different meals).
  3. Spice them up! Use oil moderately.
  4. Dessert should be a piece of dark chocolate (2 squares of a small bar of Hershey’s Dark, 3 hershey’s kisses – plain the silver wrapping ones; or a fruit.
  5. Calories will be used conservatively.

Example menu:


Baked oatmeal with flaxseeds and raisins/dried dates/dried figs. Or

One  green smoothie – hold here, it doesn’t have to have veggies! Eg oatmeal, sunflower seeds, 1/2 apple, 1/4. If you prefer a green smoothie, try 1 cup of leafy greens, one slice of pineapple, 2 tbsp of sunflower seeds, 1/4 cup of shredded coconut meat, and coconut or plain water.

One green omelet – 2 eggs and one white, or viceversa – add veggies either leafy greens or mushroom and bell peppers, with chives or onion. If you’re not patient for the omelet, scrambled work too

Two poached eggs on a bed of spinach (raw and disinfected if possible) or margherita – on top of a tomato slice with mozarella

Lunch/ dinner:

Turkey fajitas and green salad.

Smoked/Grilled/sealed chicken breast, turkey breast, salmon or tuna fillet; steamed veggies or raw salad- for steamed or grilled veggies think teriyaki, use sesame oil instead of soy sauce to make it Keto/ Alkaline.

Savage rice – baked whole rice (brown rice) with a hint of sesame oil, shredded coconut, raisins, sunflower seeds and nuts, add a green salad as a side. Add ginger. turmeric, cumin and cilantro when cooking to make it taste like kidchi minus the lentils.

Lentil free kidchi recipie: in a pan add 3 sprays of coconut oil/sesame, avocado or hemp seed – add onion or chives – 2 tbsp of chives or of diced onions, ½ pack of tomato sauce, 1tsp of each spice sautee in pan. Then add rice and water. Let rice cook and sit – if you want a drier version, try with the 2 ¼ cups of water per cup of rice. Savage rice takes longer to cook, so I prefer brown, whole rice.

Veggie pasta and meat – shred zucchini, carrots and a very small portion of beets (just to add color and iron), place on skillet or pan with tomato sauce and ground meat (prefer one that’s not red, or use your red meat day). And one box of 8oz tomato sauce – or equivalent. Spice it up! Cilantro, and garlic will work great on this. Add tofu on top or white cheese when warm, let it grate.

Dinner should be similar to lunch but in a smaller portion. Try to make lunch your largest meal of the day!

Avoid snacking! If cravings attack, drink a large glass of either plain or ginger-lemon water FIRST. If invincible have one of the following: an apple, a whole hand of nuts (almonds are best).

Drink tons of water –  as per current weight that should be 2.5 lts be mindful that drinking tea and spiced water – but ginger and lime might result in dehydration. Try to at least break even in water vs tea and coffee.

All diets start on Monday. It’s easier to keep track that way. Be creative and have fun! It might be a good idea that you record any changes you see in your energy, sleep patterns and such, I saw a major improvement in 3 days, typical results vary and weight-loss will happen not until after three weeks.

I’ll walk hand-in-hand!

Happy Trimming!


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