New Image, Bigger Goals

On our Keto and Healing journey we found out that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without making each other accountable. Unshakeable Balance icame from our journey through having a business, fitness, family and building strength through and through. We discovered our program was more about a lifestye than only a diet. Visit our pages, Participate on our raffle event. We’re here to help you soar from within!

We are confident our tools and strategies will forever change your life so you can thrive in balance, through a strong body and a strong core, we are here to help you soar!

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Extinguish Burnout by Doing these Three Things!!!

  1. Breathe – You’re perhaps thinking, I do that every day. And I’m sure you do! The trick is doing it in a mindful way. And here’s my favorite way to do so. It will work if you’re a beginner or an advanced yoga or meditative practitioner. Aternate Nostril Breathing  –  Close your right nostril with your right thumb inhale   27 in left, deeply through your left nostril. Close your left nostril with your right ring finger exhale 27 out right, inhale from that very same nostril – 26 in right, cover it and then exhale from your left nostril – 26 out left, inhlae from that nostril -25 in left … keep on repeating the procedure and count down from 27 down. I typically get to 16 and feel a lot more calm.
  2. Move – may it be 2 minutes, 5 or 10, but move! A great tip is to dance in your place, walk, still running, etc… If you’re at your office, get a standing desk or (if you get the chance) walk while on the phone. Should that not be an option, walk 10-20 minutes after lunch at a brisk pace, the movement and oxygen will clear and calm your mind.
  3. Avoid simple carbs (sugars and white pastas),processed and pre-packaged foods (sweet rolls, breads, chips and sodas …) and alcohol. All these will spike the sugar levels in your blood.,your body produces more cortisol and your body, then, stresses from within too!

And remember, “The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center, so does a person.” Norman Vincent Peale.


Happy Friday!


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Lent Days 29- 32. Into Growth!

Hello all!!!

We have great news for you! On Sunday, March 25th we will be launching our Free 7 Day Challenge – Live in Balance to Thrive!

We are super excited about it! So for the next 5 days I will be sharing some of the benefits of our plan.

Save The Date! And enjoy the ride!

Happy soaring!

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Lent Day 19: The Ultimate Weight-loss Plan!

Hello again!

Just a while ago I was discussing this on FB…  Whatever you ingest will keep you packing pounds, toxins and ultimately getting ill.

Allow for me to stop for a bit here.. Whatever you ingest Literally! May it be food, words, thoughts or emotions. And there is science behind this story too! When we’re stressed we produce a hormone called cortisol. And cortisol is responsible for storing fat and water.

What you ingest will make you either on a stressful state or a relaxed one… stress in your primary brain means danger, danger means storage…

I hope you’re following on this train of thought. So in Lent we set forth the intention to detox, to get closer to God. Remember how I said watch your intake too? Well, this is exactly what I was reffering to. Not taking into account comfort foods that we usually pack-up on while we feel sad, stressed or afraid!

We have a saying here… what makes you ill is not what you’re eating, but what is eating you. Mind your thoughts and words and get ready to be healed!

Happy soaring!


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Lent Days 12 and 13 – As within so without

Hello All!

I trust our Lent plan is guiding you to some awesome things. How was your weekend fasting? Are you being able to do it?

How about the tips and strategies? What have you discovered or uncovered about yoursel?

So today I will only leave something to meditate on:

As within so without, as above so below. 

Diet, Exeercise, Cleansing your words, Fasting and Meditating.

How has this impacted your life in the past 13 days? How do you think it will impact on your life for the rest of this 2018 Lent?

Happy soaring!

Have a great night!



40 Days of Lent Free Program


Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground. (Psalm 143:10)

Heeey! I know I still owe you from Christmas and New Years and I’ll be finishing both series soon!

My life had been a little bit hectic, as I want to do and share more and more.  A little about me… I am a Christian and was raised Catholic, which means I grew up with a habit of practicing Lent by not eating meat. As an adult, I have made different choices, and yes, I am still a Christian and some Catholic rites still speak to me. However, with time and by reading Scripture, I have now a different concept of Lent.  And no, I am not trying to convert you. Should that be your path, enjoy! Let me go in deeper on the concept of Lent as I now practice it… Lent is to be observed for no other reason but spiritual growth and being closer to God.

Lent practices include: not eating red meat, fasting or avoiding something you love eating as a sacrifice for God. Well, this new way I’m going to invite you to practice Lent is for getting closer to Him and listening better to your Spirit I am, therefore, extending an invitation for you to use the science of the food system to imitate God’s creations (Leaf, 2016, p. 79) and help you heal and grow spiritually.  Due to our level of either intellectual or physical activity during this 40 days, I DO NOT recommend fasting, but in an intermittent fashion.

So here’s the plan:

Fast – Wednesday, February 14.

“Regular” diet Thursday 15 and Friday 16.

Fast – Weekend

“Regular diet Monday – Friday.

Fast – Weekend

And so on for the rest of the 40 days (Tradition marks until Good Friday but if you take it one step further you could make it till Resurrection Sunday.

By fasting, I mean obtaining your foods from liquids as broths, smoothies and juices filled with protein and veggies.

A “regular” diet is rich in all nutrients but sugar, white pasta, simple carbohydrates (which include potatoes and corn) and packaged and pre-processed food (you can eat processed meats and cold cuts, though)

The idea behind this way of practicing Lent is getting you on a regimen that detoxes your body for 40 days, allowing for your Spiritual Growth to soar while paired with the Meditation and Exercise Recommendations I will be sharing with you.

Happy Growth!

See you soon!

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Tons of light and blessings,