Holiday Special! Keep Warm and Fit Carb Free – 10 days of Christmas Special!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today I would like to share with you some tips and ingredients that will make you warm, trim and eating delicious meals! I will be sharing with you these tips for the next 10 days. And be ready for our year end’s special series on coaching and resolutions to make 2018 the best year of your life!

Here are 12 simple steps! (Remember these are only the first two!)

Step 1. Eat more fats. Drink warm broths and keep the full fat. Since you’re already burning fat this will have an immense impact in your life. Have bacon, chorizo, pork ribs… turkey, with skin. Fats will help you keep warm very much like Tibet’s butter tea. Are you into Bullet Proof Coffee? The time of the year for that is NOW! The cooler the weather you face the more Bullet Proof drinks you can have, think Coffee, Cocoa, Chai. Here are my favorite 3 recipes for those… I call them Buttered up, as this is my own version.

Buttered Up Coffee

1 cup of coffee, heavy whipping cream (2 tbsp.), 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger, stevia or xylitol to taste. Mix all well. Enjoy while hot!

Buttered Up Cocoa

1 cup of water, 2 tbsp. of powdered, unsweetened cocoa; 2 tbsp. heavy whipping cream; 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla, stevia or xylitol to taste. Mix all well. Enjoy while hot!

Buttered Up Chai

1 cup of chai tea (made from dry leaves – not powdered to avoid preservatives and sugar), heavy whipping cream (2 tbsp.), 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp cardamom, 1 tsp ginger, stevia or xylitol to taste. Mix all well. Enjoy while hot!


Step 2. Spice it up! Ah, I gave this away on my previous tip. But really, spice up your food! Spices turn your inner body heat up which will help you keep warm. My favorite are:  Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Horse Radish and Turmeric.

One of my favorite recipes is modified Indian Vegetable Khichdi recipes.

You will need: ½ cup quinoa seeds, ¼ cup finely chopped onion, ¼ cup finely chopped red peppers, ¼ cup finely chopped green peppers, , ¼ cup finely chopped carrots (2 carrots), ¼ cup finely chopped zucchini (1 zucchini), ¼ cup finely chopped mushrooms, 1 cup of tomato puree, ¼ cup sunflower seeds, 1 tsp cumin, 2 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp dried fennel, 2 finely chopped chilis. 1 cup of water. Salt and black and cayenne pepper as needed.

On a large pan, pour the oil and add the onion till it is brown. Add the tomato puree and then the quinoa along with the cumin, turmeric and fennel. Once all those ingredients are thoroughly mixed into a paste, add ¼ cup of water, and let them cook for 5 minutes then add the carrots and let it cook for another 5 minutes, then add the peppers, the zucchini, the mushrooms, the seeds and the chili. Cover with a lid and let it simmer until it is fully cooked. Enjoy while warm.

I love spicy foods as a choice to make me keep warm.  Khichdi makes a great, low-carb choice for this matter. As you can see, I skipped the lentils or the rice. Quinoa is one of the yes, in moderation, grains that we have in our diet.

See you tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!

Angelica Fernandez

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