Lent Day 39 – A Body that Heals, A Body that Feels!


Today is Day 2 of our 7 Day Free Trial A Life in Balance. A few words on our story. As you might know, if you’ve been reading this blog or following our pages, I designed this diet, for my husband who is a Lyme disease patient. His MD had prescribed a diet based on this principles, and my hubby was having a bit of a hard tme making odds and ends of the food lists. So, I jumped in and designed it for him.

The nutritional design was courtesy of his MD, the creative marriage of lists mine, the fitness part is my hubby’s design. I’ll tell you later about the design of the rest of the programs.

Why we insist on weight-loss and fitness first? Well, because diet has been the pattern breaker for me, and a healer for my love! Literally a pattern breaker above and beyond losing weight. Yes, some pounds started coming off the scale within 3 weeks, a very typical result on this kind of program. BUT the pattern broke! I slept better, felt more energized, finally said bye-bye to my allergies, IBS and GERD. So, the better I felt the more  I wanted to do and achieve.  Being symptom free, soon translated in feeling everything else in my body. My focus increased too. I was on a back treatment at that moment, so I could not exercise for a couple of months. Which is why fitness came second, for my specific case.

For that reason, on today’s challenge I want to share with you the power of eating clean and some routines around it…

Routine 1 – Have 1 glass of luke-warm water and the juice of 1 lime first thing in the morning or ! glass of baking soda water.

Eating clean means no processed or pre-packaged foods. It means ZERO (or close to) preservatives. No sugar and little salt. Which in turn, means better sleep patterns, more energy and no after-meal drowsiness. We will keep on insisting on that.

Routine 2Walk 10 – 20 minutes after every meal. Movement is key! It’s key to fitness, to energy flow and for any sustained change.

Routine 3 – Gratitude is the best attitude! Be thankful for everything you have, in every moment of every single day!

Happy soaring!


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Why Us? What to Find Here?

Hello! And welcome to AKA Diet N Fitness!

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about us.  This program is designed under 3 great maxims:

  1. What you put in can make you heal or ill.
  2. Flexibility is the fountain of youth – what you do.
  3. Both (input and flexibility) rule the quality of the life you’ll have as you age.

Our program is based on a Ketogenic principle, from there the foods we will pick are those that are Alkaline too and we add Ayurvedic principles such as flexibility, meditation and movement into the diet and the program.

A quick note: Ayurvedic in this program does not focus on vatas or types of bodies, we simply add some Ayurvedic principles to the program.

In a nutshell, our war is against preservatives and processed foods due to their being packed on bad chemicals, salt and sugar; our war is against simple carbs, yes they taste great but have no added value to any human or animal at any age; our war is against what makes you swell or rigid – so our fitness plan is based on more natural ways of exercising.

What you will get: you will get energy, you will stop having allergies, insulin spikes, and clogged arteries. You will notice a change in your emotions, happier, and more stable; your focus will increase, your mind will be sharper; and your stamina will rise too.

This program is not a quick fix, even if you can see results from day 3 (at best) however, typical results can be seen in 3-4 weeks. That’s right! In a month or less! If you prefer taking pills or shakes to lose weight, this program is not for you. If you like nature, and believe natural is best! Welcome to the best version of you!

We are here to help!

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Angelica Fernandez

CEO AFInfinity

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