The Goal Keeper

Good morning everyone!

The Goal Keeper

As a Life and Business Coach I love having goals and seeing how my life improves for that reason.

I am sharing with you a format I designed for this matter. As you will notice, the goal keeper has no deadline (which are my favorite kind of goals) – the reason is that Id rather build up habits and heal emotions on an every-day basis.

To be fully honest, most fitness transformations, through diet, exercise or both show (typically) in a three week period time. I know, I know, you would like to see faster results!

Other types of transformation might seem instantaneous and powerful, but the actual result might take somewhat longer.

I do too!

So this Goal Keeper format can be used weekly, quarterly or monthly (whichever suits you).

On the second slide you will also see the Habit Tracker, this page feeds the results column in the Goal Tracker, as you will be able to notice and refine changes based on your Habit Building. The sample I used is weight-loss for it’s clear, measurable and specific. Your Freebie is here:

The Goal Keeper

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Is Weight Loss THE Key to Abundance and Success?


I couldn’t believe my eyes either when I heard that! 


As a Psychotherapist I’m interested in personal growth, and as your coach I am interested in giving you the best I possibly can.

And the answer to that question is, YES, it IS! Why? Well, because being slimmer will aid in your being healthier, and keep your energy flowing; plus keeping to a healthy nutrition program boosts your self-empowerment and self-belief through having the disicpline of following it.

I have shared a number of times here that weight issues scrape at the core of your emotional healing. Through healing emotionally you boost your self-esteem. Which is why we embedded coaching into our on-line coures. Going in deeper into this, the less toxic emotions you harvest, the better your self-esteem is, the more likely you are to succeed. The more you succeed, the more abundant you allow yourself to be.

Plus, being trimmer is a good sign for self-care which will impact your image, your relationship with yourself and your self-confidence.

You are here to soar!

We are launching our group sessions on May 9th! 

Happy soaring!


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Lent Day 40! A Balanced Body, A Balanced Life!!!


Today marks the end of Lent. But not the end of our Free Plan! Today is Day Thtree! Our Program starts with diet, because as I said yesterday, a balanced body allows for you to thrive!

So does a Balanced Schedule.

To achieve your goals, and be fulfilled you need to SCHEDULE a balance in your life.

Yes, you read it right… scheduling is KEY. And if you block your schedules,, it’s even better! Here’s a tip for your priorities.. you go first – schedule time to eat well and exercise or move, to take care of your relationships and  then at work… tackle the most important first, then you prevent it from becoming urgent.

So that’s it!  Have a meeting with your schedule.

Happy soaring!


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Lent Day 39 – A Body that Heals, A Body that Feels!


Today is Day 2 of our 7 Day Free Trial A Life in Balance. A few words on our story. As you might know, if you’ve been reading this blog or following our pages, I designed this diet, for my husband who is a Lyme disease patient. His MD had prescribed a diet based on this principles, and my hubby was having a bit of a hard tme making odds and ends of the food lists. So, I jumped in and designed it for him.

The nutritional design was courtesy of his MD, the creative marriage of lists mine, the fitness part is my hubby’s design. I’ll tell you later about the design of the rest of the programs.

Why we insist on weight-loss and fitness first? Well, because diet has been the pattern breaker for me, and a healer for my love! Literally a pattern breaker above and beyond losing weight. Yes, some pounds started coming off the scale within 3 weeks, a very typical result on this kind of program. BUT the pattern broke! I slept better, felt more energized, finally said bye-bye to my allergies, IBS and GERD. So, the better I felt the more  I wanted to do and achieve.  Being symptom free, soon translated in feeling everything else in my body. My focus increased too. I was on a back treatment at that moment, so I could not exercise for a couple of months. Which is why fitness came second, for my specific case.

For that reason, on today’s challenge I want to share with you the power of eating clean and some routines around it…

Routine 1 – Have 1 glass of luke-warm water and the juice of 1 lime first thing in the morning or ! glass of baking soda water.

Eating clean means no processed or pre-packaged foods. It means ZERO (or close to) preservatives. No sugar and little salt. Which in turn, means better sleep patterns, more energy and no after-meal drowsiness. We will keep on insisting on that.

Routine 2Walk 10 – 20 minutes after every meal. Movement is key! It’s key to fitness, to energy flow and for any sustained change.

Routine 3 – Gratitude is the best attitude! Be thankful for everything you have, in every moment of every single day!

Happy soaring!


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Lent Day 11 – Light Your Shine


So diet, fitness, fasting, planning… To get closer to God and fulfill your mission in life. Going over your three top priorities.

  • Who are you praying to and what are you praying for? Step one to shine. Recognize God as your source. You are a channel and an intermediary to do His wonders through your specific set of skills.
  • Who are you loyal to? This plan is a call to get back to nature and free from toxins. I hope your answer to this question is yourself. As I pointed out yesterday, without your body and your soul yu have no humanity to continue with your mission in this existance.
  • Who are you working for? Humanity. Making a difference. Contributing in non economic ways. I would hope that would be the line of your answer and not one of the modern symbols like dough, recognition or positon. A powerful vision, inspired by your Godly designed mission, will not only pull you out of bed when you’ve hada a bad day; it will allso keep you young, inspired and speading abundance.

If you answer these three questions every day, before you start your day. You will have a clear vision of what is really important in your life. Ah, you ight say I’m missing all to do with relationships. Righ? Well, all charity starts at home and you cannot give what you don’t have. So take care of these three, first. Not only, just first.


Write your to do list. In front of it, in a separate column, write down your priorities, or those things that you consider important. Not urgent IMPORTANT.

Happy Sunday!


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Lent Day 6 – Every Diet and New Habit starts On MONDAY!


If you noticed in my schedule I marked three habits only and I will do that per item, so more then a schedule I have a sketch of must dos that are important before they become urgent.  That’s the first trick.

The second trick is building a sturdy habit. Here are three keys.

Key # 1Make it stick Use an empowering phrase, an acronym or  cheer yourself, but a habit that you remember naturally, is an habit you will keep on doing.

Key # 2Make it easily accessible. E.g. if you want to eat healthier have zippy bags with healthy choices readily available to grab and go.

Key # 3Build it into your schedule. Perhaps you’re a person that easily builds habits and routines like myself. In that case, a defined schedule may be your trick. Too busy a schedule? Also me on some days and circumstances, adapt and be flexible.  For example, break your workout into mini routines  every say 2- 3 hours, move for at least two songs.

Tomorrow I will be talking about mindfulness meditation and prayer.

This Lent period, to get closer to God, destress and get organized. The more you grow, the further you will go. A little order goes a long, long way. Take a small step forward, and  improve your life every day.

If you have any questions, more information or are interested in taking a step further forward, please feel free to e-mail me at:

See you soon!
Happy soaring!




I hope your spirit is starting to soar!

As you all know, I did a liquid fast yesterday and I feel very energized today!

It is said that the way to create a new habit is to do anything for 21 days. So… 40 should be even better! If you’re anything like I am, you might have created habits in longer than that and broken them in the end because something else (like work, traffic, etc.) got in the way.

So, here’s my tip: build micro habits and stack up on them. For example – meditate for 7 minutes. If you need to, set an alarm as a reminder but try to have as little time of preparation/ transport as possible. And keep a schedule (as a guideline) For example:

Meditation/ Prayer or both! I, personally practice both.

Instead of having to prepare music, cushion, mat, etc…

Try… Concentrating on your breathing instead of music, If you kneel or sit on a lotus flower have a cushion ready by your bed or preferred spot.

Around those micro habits build rituals. By a ritual I do not mean incense and candle burning, not necessarily. What I mean by rituals is for example:

Get up, first thing in the AM give thanks and pray or meditate. THEN drink warm tea or lemon water while… exercise and so on.

Build a schedule AROUND those rituals which represent your most important to do’s If you tackle everyday what is important you will prevent it from becoming urgent. Do the same with your work/business to do items, taking care of the 3 most important at a time. The rest will take care of itself, please believe me on this one…. Or better try it for 1 week. 3 most important, every day. You’ll see the difference!

How do you find the most important? First, take care of yourself: Body, Mind, Soul which is why we suggest exercise, diet and meditation and/or prayer. Get the idea? Remember that without having yourself, you will have nothing… which is also why you should love God first, yourself immediately after and your kindred next.

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Happy Growth!

Have a lovely afternoon!