Alkaline, Ketogenic, Ayurvedic… Weight -loss +


Today I would like to talk a bit more about our diet. The AKA Diet started as a family project, to help the love of my life with the foods (Alkaline and Ketogenic) that his MD had prescribed, I had read a book on Ayurvedic eating and spices, so we decided to mix them all.

One of the main flaws of most Ketgenic diets is they have a lot of processed and packaged foods, little veggies and little fruit. Ours is different, as we focus on whole foods, and pack up on veggies and fruit. Our program is no bacon diet.

We focus on Alkalizing foods, but  we do allow and promote protein from whole diary  products and lean meats. We allow coffee in moderation, but we recommend you stay away or eat modeartely grains, cereals and beans.

The Ayurvedic factor is perhaps our own cherry on the pie along with how to combine foods for better digestion. The Ayurvedic factor is not based on body type more than on food type and the use of spices. Spices have healing properties, they will make yuour food taste great and they boost your meatabolism helping you melt fat. And, no, they will typically not give you heartburn, not under our program.

Heartburn is not caused by what you eat but by whatever is eating you. Which is where our coaching comes in handy, so you heal from within. And heal those emtions which keep you ingesting toxins of any kind, and whch eep you binging.

We are launching soon!

Happy soaring!


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Day 6! A Toned Bod! A Soaring Soul!


Good evening and great Saturday to yoo all!

Well, today I want to share some huge break-through I have experienced. I have hit a plateau orrr my ideal weight! But! I just gave away my previous skinny jeans and moving towards a skinnier goal!

This feels great! And on the soaring side, and why we promote and encourage an integral plan is… when you stop or cut-down on processed and pre-packaged foods, simple carbs and white pastas your pineal gland gets decalciified. So it’s time to unveil your real YOU! Oh and with a trimmer body, a faster metabolism and a quicker yet quieter brain. Life canot get any better!

Your soul-print and your purpose. What this has meant to me is… more focus, inspiration and a burning desire to help others heal!

Happy soaring!


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AKA News Bits… Keep Up and STEP UP!


Today I’m breakng the lent series for this article… I will re-post for Lent a bit later in the afternoon.

Today I’m posting because I read a rather alarming article the other day  – and I get his point. An MD was criticizing fad diets, this time he was focusing on Ketogenic ones.

I agree with him to some extent, as I have read tons of keto dieters turn a Ketogenic protocol into a MAINLY fat diet to the point of calling it the Bacon diet.

Our program, however focuses on BALANCE: A balanced diet, A balanced schedule and a Quiet Mind.

We are promoting a lifestyle with a balaned diet, a fitness program, healed emotions ond a quiet mind… Speaking specifically of the our diet program

We promote a balanced diet, low in carbsvery specifically in SIMPLE CARBS such as sugar, white rice, pasta and potatoes.

We promote a diet with a limited amount or zero pre-packaged and processed foods. We promote the consumption of whole, real foods. No added sugars, salts or preservatives.. 

We promote you eat fruit, vegetables and diary products and cold meats – other than diary, sausages, bacon and canned fish, keep your diet green.

We promote you add spices to your foods, to keep your tummy hot (a principle from Ayurveda) that helps you digest better and keeps your metabolism faster.

We promote that you drink plain water at least 1 gallon per day,, or ginger- lime water. And if you LOVE caffeine – drink 2 glasses of water per cup of joe. that will keep your kidneys clean!

We promote you use Stevia or Xylitol as a sweetener.

We want to help you thrive, heal and soar! Nothing less, nothing more!

Happy soaring!