The Burning Question of Burnout

The World Health Organization has recently classified burnout 🚬 as an occupational phenomenon.. and you can check their article here: ==>>

🤔 Then… why do Business Owners (specifically the online ones) – Yes, I am thinking of #coaches, #solopreneurs and #topmanagers ✒️design or accept impossible schedules 📝 in which they (quite literally) hardly have (or give) themselves time to breathe?

Wasn’t the idea to have quality of life?
If you’re teaching high-performance 🏋️‍♂️, Why oh,WHY?! are you neglecting yourself 🧘‍♀️? your loved ones? your health🏋️‍♂️? your 💑 relationships? YOUR LIFE 🚣‍♂️🎭🎨 ?!

I know a lot think burnout 🚬 is an 🙊, so let me ask you this 🔥 …
How many other yous do YOU have?

I have only one. And that one is the one that lives my life, loves my people, changes the world 🌎 through my 👩‍🏫coaching, this one me is also the mom to my children, wife to the love of my life 💑 🥰🥰😍, daughter, sister, friend…

Do you follow? Can you relate? If so, what are you willing to do about it? When?
Orr.. What kind of memories 🏄‍♂️🎭🥁 do you want to have🎨🎷🏊‍♂️? With whom 💑🏇🏌️‍♂️?

Shhh Angie, shhh. 🙊 People do not want to hear 🙉 this… they’ll go… Grrrrr 🙈🤬

Well, it is what it is, my dear.

I hope this post helped you be more aware ☀️ of what you’re doing to yourself and your loved ones 😱 to favor your success,🦹‍♂️ your work  or your position only.

Now, are you willing to 🎯 make time for the three most important spheres 🧘‍♀️ 💑 of your #wellness 🙏 NOW? Or will you still be heading to your doom and have to make time for your #illness instead?

Hey! Breathe!

I have some good news for you! 🙋‍♀️ I can help you turn burnout 🚬 into #balance, a work-oriented life into one #fueledbypurpose 🎯

Find how to make work-life balance possible and jump on a call with me. We can explore options on how I can help you #Balance2Soar and still #HealNGrow.
Let’s talk! I am positive I can help you soar! 💥 BOOM!
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🔥 Will you keep waiting🤭? Or Are You Ready Live Your Dreams 🥳🤩?
My name is Angelica Weaver from AF Infinity and I’m here to help you enjoy this ride we call life!

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Lent Day 39 – A Body that Heals, A Body that Feels!


Today is Day 2 of our 7 Day Free Trial A Life in Balance. A few words on our story. As you might know, if you’ve been reading this blog or following our pages, I designed this diet, for my husband who is a Lyme disease patient. His MD had prescribed a diet based on this principles, and my hubby was having a bit of a hard tme making odds and ends of the food lists. So, I jumped in and designed it for him.

The nutritional design was courtesy of his MD, the creative marriage of lists mine, the fitness part is my hubby’s design. I’ll tell you later about the design of the rest of the programs.

Why we insist on weight-loss and fitness first? Well, because diet has been the pattern breaker for me, and a healer for my love! Literally a pattern breaker above and beyond losing weight. Yes, some pounds started coming off the scale within 3 weeks, a very typical result on this kind of program. BUT the pattern broke! I slept better, felt more energized, finally said bye-bye to my allergies, IBS and GERD. So, the better I felt the more  I wanted to do and achieve.  Being symptom free, soon translated in feeling everything else in my body. My focus increased too. I was on a back treatment at that moment, so I could not exercise for a couple of months. Which is why fitness came second, for my specific case.

For that reason, on today’s challenge I want to share with you the power of eating clean and some routines around it…

Routine 1 – Have 1 glass of luke-warm water and the juice of 1 lime first thing in the morning or ! glass of baking soda water.

Eating clean means no processed or pre-packaged foods. It means ZERO (or close to) preservatives. No sugar and little salt. Which in turn, means better sleep patterns, more energy and no after-meal drowsiness. We will keep on insisting on that.

Routine 2Walk 10 – 20 minutes after every meal. Movement is key! It’s key to fitness, to energy flow and for any sustained change.

Routine 3 – Gratitude is the best attitude! Be thankful for everything you have, in every moment of every single day!

Happy soaring!


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Lent days 27 & 28 – Opening the Growth Gate!


How are you? Have you been working with the tools I’ve been sharing? If so, you’ve just started on an amazing path for growth and abundance.

As you might have noticed, I have shared posts on: Diet, Movement, Spirituality and emotion. Yes, our program is a comprehensive one. Yes, it all started with a weight-loss program, and as our fat started melting our inner healing started growing. Yes, we promote fitness through martial arts, yoga or any form of breathing, and exercise working with yur own weight.  Yes, we advocate for a quiet mind and an open soul, and we promote prayer and/or meditation. Yes, we encourage emotional de-tox too! Specifically when aimed at you by you!

My intention with this post is to summarize a bit what this 27 days have been about, and leaving you a lee-way to process this all. ..

#1 Detox — from foods, emotions, thoughts and words

#2 Breathe! – exercise, move if even for 10 minutes every few hours.

#3 Pray/Meditate – let your mind be still and your heart listen.

As you love yourself, love will surround you more and more by the day!

Healing is a powerful path, and with whichever tool you start, we want to help you SOAR!

To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.” – Mark 12:33 

We’d love to hear from you!

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Lent days 20-22 – Xtreme Detox !

Hello, hello!

I did design this program for the love of my life and with his help. Today I would like to take a small detour and share a bit of the rest of the design.

  1. Diet
  2. Fitness/ Movement
  3. Coaching/ Personal Growth.

I called this article Detox Extreme for I want to talk about the deeper parts of the program.

  1. Diet – The eating regime we set forth basically takes you back to the basics, eat real foods, feed your brain and muscles with fats, and help your body process it all by adding fruits, and fibers. while packing up on spices What this will have your body do is work more effectively, have more energy, decalcify your pineal gland (growing your focus and intuiton) and eliminate fat – Moving energy 1.
  2. Fitness – As you might have noticed we are not huge gym advocates but more into Martial Arts, Yoga, Dancing and sports that involve breathing, working with your own weight and moving – Energy movement 2
  3. Coaching – Yes, we will help you reach your goals vs weight loss and fitness, but one of the most important parts of this program is biting at the core of what’s eating you and causing you to binge. Which self-talk, emotions, and thoughts have you packing up energy. – Moving energy 3

Why is moving energy important, you might be asking yourself. The anwser is simple, stagnat energy will eventually turn toxic and get you ill. Yes, that Coaching part is important because clogged emoitons lead to binging, over-eating, addictions, etc.

So here’s my proposal. Before you go to bed, dedicate some time to write down 3 thoughts that have been constantly on your mind that day, do the same for 3 emotions, 2 things you tel yourself.  Notice the sensations that arise when you write them. Do this for a week. And underline the ones that you see more often. When/What is happening when they appear. I am not saying who beause the one feeling/ thinkig/ saying them is you

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these. Mark 12:31

My invitation is to treat yourself with love and the rest will follow

 Move your energy and grow!

Have a lovely Friday!

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Lent Day 19: The Ultimate Weight-loss Plan!

Hello again!

Just a while ago I was discussing this on FB…  Whatever you ingest will keep you packing pounds, toxins and ultimately getting ill.

Allow for me to stop for a bit here.. Whatever you ingest Literally! May it be food, words, thoughts or emotions. And there is science behind this story too! When we’re stressed we produce a hormone called cortisol. And cortisol is responsible for storing fat and water.

What you ingest will make you either on a stressful state or a relaxed one… stress in your primary brain means danger, danger means storage…

I hope you’re following on this train of thought. So in Lent we set forth the intention to detox, to get closer to God. Remember how I said watch your intake too? Well, this is exactly what I was reffering to. Not taking into account comfort foods that we usually pack-up on while we feel sad, stressed or afraid!

We have a saying here… what makes you ill is not what you’re eating, but what is eating you. Mind your thoughts and words and get ready to be healed!

Happy soaring!


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Lent Day 18: Journaling for a Slimmer, Fuller Life


I trust you’re doing great!

Just a quick note today. This program is the no-count, de-stress to trim program. Therefore, my invitation to you today is to record your changes.

Yes, your changes. No counting calories, foods or macros. This is a lifestyle change and a path for growth and this Lent series is intended also as a path to be closer to God. Then what to write down on a Journal for Growth?

  1. How are you manifesting your closeness to God in your life? In your work? In your taking care of yourself?
  2. What changes do you or others notice on you? On your ability to focus, energy levels, mood, behaviors?
  3. How do your clothes and your schedule look like now? (My hope would be more spacey)

Draw, write, add questions… and set an intention every day to become a better version of yourself by accepting your divine being as God would; set that intention to help you eat, move and meditate more in tune with the perfectly, imperfect you.

Happy soaring!


Lent Days 12 and 13 – As within so without

Hello All!

I trust our Lent plan is guiding you to some awesome things. How was your weekend fasting? Are you being able to do it?

How about the tips and strategies? What have you discovered or uncovered about yoursel?

So today I will only leave something to meditate on:

As within so without, as above so below. 

Diet, Exeercise, Cleansing your words, Fasting and Meditating.

How has this impacted your life in the past 13 days? How do you think it will impact on your life for the rest of this 2018 Lent?

Happy soaring!

Have a great night!



Lent Day 10: Move to Renew


How are you?

Let me talk about the importance of exercise.

  1. It improves your health through flexibility, stamina, etc – I guess you already knew this one.
  2. It keeps you feeling younger and stronger for a longer period of time as it helps prevent a number of illnesses and conditions.
  3. It moves your energy. Which opens your life to a lot more opportunities.

How to, the three basic schedules:

  1. Practice any activity for 30 minutes to 1 hour at a moderate to high intensity.
  2. Walk at a brisk pace, jog or play for 15 – 20 minutes, 5 minutes after each meal.
  3. Take five 10 – 15 min breaks to play, run, move, dance!

In case you are wondering… this falls under priority number two. You have to be loyal, to ..? You! “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[a] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31. 

Without your body of your soul you have nothing left to do and no where (earthly) else to go. Lent is about improving yourself as human, to shine here as you will shine there.

Have a great night!


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Lent Day 3 – What are you grateful for?

In my very peculiar view point a huge part of Spiritual Growth is about gratitude.  I will not write much today… However, I want to share one of my favorite rituals for talking to God.

First thing in the morning and last thing before I sleep I pray. Within my prayer I always give thanks for at least 3 things every day. If you do not pray the ideal practice for this ritual would be to write down three different things every day. Who do you address when saying Thanks? Well, I address God.  How can I be thankful for three different things every day? Three ideas: 1. You can use the candle featured as this article’s image for inspiration; 2. Your relationships; 3. Things that happened in your life or in your day. I trust you can find plenty of reasons by simply using this method. Want to go a step forward? Thank God for the blessings received even if you haven’t received them yet. NO, this will not help you win the lottery; but if you do it with a faithful heart it will give you peace of mind.

This is also for your body, mind and soul; for “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity”. Elie Wiesel.

So, what are you grateful for today?

Happy soaring!


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