Day 4! Emotional Healing on the Go!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re finding our challenge useful for your growth. Why tie emotion to diet? Well, we are setting foth a lifestyle and emotional healing is key for sustainable weight-loss plan.

The principles are:

  1. Whatever is weighing you down is weighing you in and keeping you packing up pounds.
  2. A balanced life needs a healed heart and a positive mind.
  3. Negative emotions will reduce serotonin production and raise cortisol, therefore keeping you hungry and binging.

Dealing with toxic emotions is healing way beyond your diet because it will help you let go of patterns and behaviors that could eventually make you stressed, depressed and eventually ill. One of the first keys when dealing with toxic emotions is: OWNING THEM.

Yes, Owning Them, the emotion is actually how You feel towards any given person of situation. As a Gestalt Psychoterapist, I believe in contact – the +1 party that emerges when two or more people interact. So it is true too that some people will bring out either the best or worst in you. The secret to this is… how long does that emotion last? Does it linger enough to turn into an ache, allergy or conditon?

I cannot continue much longer on this or I’ll write a whole book on it here, Now. The whole idea is to be aware that your emotions are yours. NO person, thing or event makes you feel. You feel.

Just take note, for now. Feed the positives and for all that’s good in you do not feed your fears or your stress.

Happy soaring!


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Lent days 23 – 26! Xtreme Detox – 2!

Hello again!

This fasting is a call for cleansing. I know I have not posted for a few days, as I walk the talk or this process, I am developing and exploring what to share.

And the plan we promote goes way beyond dieting, it scrapes at the core of your allowing toxins in your body… from foods to people.

Mind your words for they create your reality. Watch your words when you speak about others,  as they could find their way back to you.

But above all, watch the words you allow or speak to yourself. This is you life and Your story and nobody else’s.

It DOES matter which glasses you’re seeing the world with, for that is what you will seek to achieve.

It DOES matter how you relate to others – with unconitional love and acceptance? Or are you hooked on remorse, unforgiveness or lack of acceptance – remember they’re your mirror. The stirring inside is yours, NOT theirs.

It DOES matter that you LIVE!

We designed this program to help you heal, to help you SOAR!

“For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.” – Psalm 33:9



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Lent Day 16 and 17 – Fast and Keep Lean!


I know I have spoken about fasting in this program before. I cannot stress enough the physical, energetic and spiritual benfits you will get when you fast. I have spoken about liquid fasting. Today I wouldlike to spek about intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting means to keep your stomach empty for spans of 6 – 12 hours at a time which translates into no more than 3 meals a day. I have not only heard but also been on the 5 meal a day diet plan which works great when you’re eating tons of carbs, but can end up back-irint on your sugar levels. However, the healthier you eat, the less processed foods you eat, the more you will curve your cravings, the faster your body can heal, the higher you vibrate and the closer to God you will be. Too good to be true? Try it, for a day or two! You won’t regret it!

My ideal is 2 meals per day which translates easily into an intermittent fasting of 12 hours per leg.  If you’re eating quality meals you will not get hungrier than that. I do, howeverpracticliquid fasting betwen those two meals, but htis time I focus on quality teas, no protein, no sugar and packed with spices. perhaps amogst my favorites  is: ginger, lime, and add ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Enjoy, heal, trim and grow!

Happy soaring!


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40 Days of Lent Free Program


Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground. (Psalm 143:10)

Heeey! I know I still owe you from Christmas and New Years and I’ll be finishing both series soon!

My life had been a little bit hectic, as I want to do and share more and more.  A little about me… I am a Christian and was raised Catholic, which means I grew up with a habit of practicing Lent by not eating meat. As an adult, I have made different choices, and yes, I am still a Christian and some Catholic rites still speak to me. However, with time and by reading Scripture, I have now a different concept of Lent.  And no, I am not trying to convert you. Should that be your path, enjoy! Let me go in deeper on the concept of Lent as I now practice it… Lent is to be observed for no other reason but spiritual growth and being closer to God.

Lent practices include: not eating red meat, fasting or avoiding something you love eating as a sacrifice for God. Well, this new way I’m going to invite you to practice Lent is for getting closer to Him and listening better to your Spirit I am, therefore, extending an invitation for you to use the science of the food system to imitate God’s creations (Leaf, 2016, p. 79) and help you heal and grow spiritually.  Due to our level of either intellectual or physical activity during this 40 days, I DO NOT recommend fasting, but in an intermittent fashion.

So here’s the plan:

Fast – Wednesday, February 14.

“Regular” diet Thursday 15 and Friday 16.

Fast – Weekend

“Regular diet Monday – Friday.

Fast – Weekend

And so on for the rest of the 40 days (Tradition marks until Good Friday but if you take it one step further you could make it till Resurrection Sunday.

By fasting, I mean obtaining your foods from liquids as broths, smoothies and juices filled with protein and veggies.

A “regular” diet is rich in all nutrients but sugar, white pasta, simple carbohydrates (which include potatoes and corn) and packaged and pre-processed food (you can eat processed meats and cold cuts, though)

The idea behind this way of practicing Lent is getting you on a regimen that detoxes your body for 40 days, allowing for your Spiritual Growth to soar while paired with the Meditation and Exercise Recommendations I will be sharing with you.

Happy Growth!

See you soon!

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Tons of light and blessings,


Master Your Body, Conquer Your Dreams!

Good morning!

Starting on this program is a lifestlye change, not a diet and not a fad. In 25 years of dieting I have learnt tons!

Our approach to this lifestyle is..

  1. Change your eating habits and turn into a balanced low-carb, whole foods diet. Low carbs will typically mean low cals, so you don’t need to count. By balanced we mean: added fats, some good protein, nuts, and fruits and tons of veggies!
  2. Move! We propose a fitness program (which we will soon make available) based on some cross-fit, and some exercise with stress on breathing and energy management, such as, yoga, pilates or any martial art. Swimming could be an option too.
  3. Hydrate! Drink tons of water. We promote the consumption of alkaline drinks, water and green tea.
  4. Spices can help you boost your metabolism and alkalize your body aiding your weight loss and wellness.
  5. This is a substitute ingredients program more than a sacrifice your favorite foods one. Use stevia as sweetener and vegetable-based flours. Prefer home-made food, avoid all processed and pre-packaged foods.


Bear in mind that this is not an easy fix path, this is a lifestyle choice. We’re here to help. Keep following us for coaching sessions, nutrition plans, tips and recommended programs. Make your body healthier starting today!


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Why Us? What to Find Here?

Hello! And welcome to AKA Diet N Fitness!

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about us.  This program is designed under 3 great maxims:

  1. What you put in can make you heal or ill.
  2. Flexibility is the fountain of youth – what you do.
  3. Both (input and flexibility) rule the quality of the life you’ll have as you age.

Our program is based on a Ketogenic principle, from there the foods we will pick are those that are Alkaline too and we add Ayurvedic principles such as flexibility, meditation and movement into the diet and the program.

A quick note: Ayurvedic in this program does not focus on vatas or types of bodies, we simply add some Ayurvedic principles to the program.

In a nutshell, our war is against preservatives and processed foods due to their being packed on bad chemicals, salt and sugar; our war is against simple carbs, yes they taste great but have no added value to any human or animal at any age; our war is against what makes you swell or rigid – so our fitness plan is based on more natural ways of exercising.

What you will get: you will get energy, you will stop having allergies, insulin spikes, and clogged arteries. You will notice a change in your emotions, happier, and more stable; your focus will increase, your mind will be sharper; and your stamina will rise too.

This program is not a quick fix, even if you can see results from day 3 (at best) however, typical results can be seen in 3-4 weeks. That’s right! In a month or less! If you prefer taking pills or shakes to lose weight, this program is not for you. If you like nature, and believe natural is best! Welcome to the best version of you!

We are here to help!

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Angelica Fernandez

CEO AFInfinity

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