Our Demons inside – the power of words…

Hlello again!

I finally got the time to write. Or rather made and gave myself the time to write.

I’ve been reminded lately of the power of words. The power of our own words to ourselves.

So, let me ask.you… How.often do.you,

Cheer yourself up and clebrate your success. or

Do you reprimand yourself because you failed at something – or to prevent said failure. Like telling yourself – to yourself.

“What an idiot.”, “I am stupid for not finding, doing…”,”If I don’t win/achieve/succeed I’m a piece of sh*t”

You gotta #StepUp and stop that destructive self-talk. While speaking to yourself in that way might seem like striving for excellence, you are achieving quite the contary, my friend.

Speaking to yourself negatively diminishes your self-worth, fosters limiting beliefs, blocks abundance and can even depress your immune system and/or make you depressed.

This is one of the stressors we work on in depth when you work with me.

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Have a blessed weekend!