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Today I would like to talk a bit more about our diet. The AKA Diet started as a family project, to help the love of my life with the foods (Alkaline and Ketogenic) that his MD had prescribed, I had read a book on Ayurvedic eating and spices, so we decided to mix them all.

One of the main flaws of most Ketgenic diets is they have a lot of processed and packaged foods, little veggies and little fruit. Ours is different, as we focus on whole foods, and pack up on veggies and fruit. Our program is no bacon diet.

We focus on Alkalizing foods, but  we do allow and promote protein from whole diary  products and lean meats. We allow coffee in moderation, but we recommend you stay away or eat modeartely grains, cereals and beans.

The Ayurvedic factor is perhaps our own cherry on the pie along with how to combine foods for better digestion. The Ayurvedic factor is not based on body type more than on food type and the use of spices. Spices have healing properties, they will make yuour food taste great and they boost your meatabolism helping you melt fat. And, no, they will typically not give you heartburn, not under our program.

Heartburn is not caused by what you eat but by whatever is eating you. Which is where our coaching comes in handy, so you heal from within. And heal those emtions which keep you ingesting toxins of any kind, and whch eep you binging.

We are launching soon!

Happy soaring!


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AKA News Bits… Keep Up and STEP UP!


Today I’m breakng the lent series for this article… I will re-post for Lent a bit later in the afternoon.

Today I’m posting because I read a rather alarming article the other day  – and I get his point. An MD was criticizing fad diets, this time he was focusing on Ketogenic ones.

I agree with him to some extent, as I have read tons of keto dieters turn a Ketogenic protocol into a MAINLY fat diet to the point of calling it the Bacon diet.

Our program, however focuses on BALANCE: A balanced diet, A balanced schedule and a Quiet Mind.

We are promoting a lifestyle with a balaned diet, a fitness program, healed emotions ond a quiet mind… Speaking specifically of the our diet program

We promote a balanced diet, low in carbsvery specifically in SIMPLE CARBS such as sugar, white rice, pasta and potatoes.

We promote a diet with a limited amount or zero pre-packaged and processed foods. We promote the consumption of whole, real foods. No added sugars, salts or preservatives.. 

We promote you eat fruit, vegetables and diary products and cold meats – other than diary, sausages, bacon and canned fish, keep your diet green.

We promote you add spices to your foods, to keep your tummy hot (a principle from Ayurveda) that helps you digest better and keeps your metabolism faster.

We promote that you drink plain water at least 1 gallon per day,, or ginger- lime water. And if you LOVE caffeine – drink 2 glasses of water per cup of joe. that will keep your kidneys clean!

We promote you use Stevia or Xylitol as a sweetener.

We want to help you thrive, heal and soar! Nothing less, nothing more!

Happy soaring!


Lent days 27 & 28 – Opening the Growth Gate!


How are you? Have you been working with the tools I’ve been sharing? If so, you’ve just started on an amazing path for growth and abundance.

As you might have noticed, I have shared posts on: Diet, Movement, Spirituality and emotion. Yes, our program is a comprehensive one. Yes, it all started with a weight-loss program, and as our fat started melting our inner healing started growing. Yes, we promote fitness through martial arts, yoga or any form of breathing, and exercise working with yur own weight.  Yes, we advocate for a quiet mind and an open soul, and we promote prayer and/or meditation. Yes, we encourage emotional de-tox too! Specifically when aimed at you by you!

My intention with this post is to summarize a bit what this 27 days have been about, and leaving you a lee-way to process this all. ..

#1 Detox — from foods, emotions, thoughts and words

#2 Breathe! – exercise, move if even for 10 minutes every few hours.

#3 Pray/Meditate – let your mind be still and your heart listen.

As you love yourself, love will surround you more and more by the day!

Healing is a powerful path, and with whichever tool you start, we want to help you SOAR!

To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.” – Mark 12:33 

We’d love to hear from you!

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Lent Day 16 and 17 – Fast and Keep Lean!


I know I have spoken about fasting in this program before. I cannot stress enough the physical, energetic and spiritual benfits you will get when you fast. I have spoken about liquid fasting. Today I wouldlike to spek about intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting means to keep your stomach empty for spans of 6 – 12 hours at a time which translates into no more than 3 meals a day. I have not only heard but also been on the 5 meal a day diet plan which works great when you’re eating tons of carbs, but can end up back-irint on your sugar levels. However, the healthier you eat, the less processed foods you eat, the more you will curve your cravings, the faster your body can heal, the higher you vibrate and the closer to God you will be. Too good to be true? Try it, for a day or two! You won’t regret it!

My ideal is 2 meals per day which translates easily into an intermittent fasting of 12 hours per leg.  If you’re eating quality meals you will not get hungrier than that. I do, howeverpracticliquid fasting betwen those two meals, but htis time I focus on quality teas, no protein, no sugar and packed with spices. perhaps amogst my favorites  is: ginger, lime, and add ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Enjoy, heal, trim and grow!

Happy soaring!


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Holiday Special! Keep Warm and Fit Carb Free – 10 days of Christmas Special!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today I would like to share with you some tips and ingredients that will make you warm, trim and eating delicious meals! I will be sharing with you these tips for the next 10 days. And be ready for our year end’s special series on coaching and resolutions to make 2018 the best year of your life!

Here are 12 simple steps! (Remember these are only the first two!)

Step 1. Eat more fats. Drink warm broths and keep the full fat. Since you’re already burning fat this will have an immense impact in your life. Have bacon, chorizo, pork ribs… turkey, with skin. Fats will help you keep warm very much like Tibet’s butter tea. Are you into Bullet Proof Coffee? The time of the year for that is NOW! The cooler the weather you face the more Bullet Proof drinks you can have, think Coffee, Cocoa, Chai. Here are my favorite 3 recipes for those… I call them Buttered up, as this is my own version.

Buttered Up Coffee

1 cup of coffee, heavy whipping cream (2 tbsp.), 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger, stevia or xylitol to taste. Mix all well. Enjoy while hot!

Buttered Up Cocoa

1 cup of water, 2 tbsp. of powdered, unsweetened cocoa; 2 tbsp. heavy whipping cream; 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp vanilla, stevia or xylitol to taste. Mix all well. Enjoy while hot!

Buttered Up Chai

1 cup of chai tea (made from dry leaves – not powdered to avoid preservatives and sugar), heavy whipping cream (2 tbsp.), 1 tbsp. butter, 1 tsp cardamom, 1 tsp ginger, stevia or xylitol to taste. Mix all well. Enjoy while hot!


Step 2. Spice it up! Ah, I gave this away on my previous tip. But really, spice up your food! Spices turn your inner body heat up which will help you keep warm. My favorite are:  Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Horse Radish and Turmeric.

One of my favorite recipes is modified Indian Vegetable Khichdi recipes.

You will need: ½ cup quinoa seeds, ¼ cup finely chopped onion, ¼ cup finely chopped red peppers, ¼ cup finely chopped green peppers, , ¼ cup finely chopped carrots (2 carrots), ¼ cup finely chopped zucchini (1 zucchini), ¼ cup finely chopped mushrooms, 1 cup of tomato puree, ¼ cup sunflower seeds, 1 tsp cumin, 2 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp dried fennel, 2 finely chopped chilis. 1 cup of water. Salt and black and cayenne pepper as needed.

On a large pan, pour the oil and add the onion till it is brown. Add the tomato puree and then the quinoa along with the cumin, turmeric and fennel. Once all those ingredients are thoroughly mixed into a paste, add ¼ cup of water, and let them cook for 5 minutes then add the carrots and let it cook for another 5 minutes, then add the peppers, the zucchini, the mushrooms, the seeds and the chili. Cover with a lid and let it simmer until it is fully cooked. Enjoy while warm.

I love spicy foods as a choice to make me keep warm.  Khichdi makes a great, low-carb choice for this matter. As you can see, I skipped the lentils or the rice. Quinoa is one of the yes, in moderation, grains that we have in our diet.

See you tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!

Angelica Fernandez

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Why Us? What to Find Here?

Hello! And welcome to AKA Diet N Fitness!

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about us.  This program is designed under 3 great maxims:

  1. What you put in can make you heal or ill.
  2. Flexibility is the fountain of youth – what you do.
  3. Both (input and flexibility) rule the quality of the life you’ll have as you age.

Our program is based on a Ketogenic principle, from there the foods we will pick are those that are Alkaline too and we add Ayurvedic principles such as flexibility, meditation and movement into the diet and the program.

A quick note: Ayurvedic in this program does not focus on vatas or types of bodies, we simply add some Ayurvedic principles to the program.

In a nutshell, our war is against preservatives and processed foods due to their being packed on bad chemicals, salt and sugar; our war is against simple carbs, yes they taste great but have no added value to any human or animal at any age; our war is against what makes you swell or rigid – so our fitness plan is based on more natural ways of exercising.

What you will get: you will get energy, you will stop having allergies, insulin spikes, and clogged arteries. You will notice a change in your emotions, happier, and more stable; your focus will increase, your mind will be sharper; and your stamina will rise too.

This program is not a quick fix, even if you can see results from day 3 (at best) however, typical results can be seen in 3-4 weeks. That’s right! In a month or less! If you prefer taking pills or shakes to lose weight, this program is not for you. If you like nature, and believe natural is best! Welcome to the best version of you!

We are here to help!

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Angelica Fernandez

CEO AFInfinity

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AKA Extreme Measures

AKA is the Alkaline Keto Ayurvedic Wellness program of our design. However, some health conditions (such as Lyme Disease, extreme obestity and cancer require for the patient to consume zero carbs or very little.) The following menus are centered on a Keto diet perspective – zero carbs but from fruit, dark chocolate and stevia. Please make sure to consult your physician before starting on this program.

Metabol-boost Guiding lights:

  1. Eliminate the consumption of the following: sugar (white and brown), excess salt, processed, packaged and canned foods and juices – except for tuna, salmon (both in water), ginger leaves and prosciutto. Anything white! If it’s white, it’s processed except for coconut meat, guanabana and snow.
  2. Avoid or reduce to the minimum the intake of: red meat, pork, and starchy carbs like potatoes and corn; flour, yeast and all types of bread.
  3. Prefer room temp, warm or chilled to cold ones. Drink plenty of plain water or ginger and lime water. Add stevia and/or a spice to your drinks to make your metabolism a bit faster.
  4. Avoid Dairy Products. – Greek yogurt and plain yogurt can be an exception along with white cheeses such as: fresh mozzarella, feta and goat cheese – in small portions all.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes after every meal and then walk for 10 or 20, so long as it’s not too sunny. After every meal.

Rules for building meals:

  1. Every meal should contain: one portion of protein, one portion of fiber and one (small) of complex carbs eg fruits or whole grains.
  2. Allowed dairy products, eggs and cereals should not be consumed more than 3x per week (that is on 3 different meals).
  3. Spice them up! Use oil moderately.
  4. Dessert should be a piece of dark chocolate (2 squares of a small bar of Hershey’s Dark, 3 hershey’s kisses – plain the silver wrapping ones; or a fruit.
  5. Calories will be used conservatively.


***Extra tip: FAST! Yup, fasting is a great spiritual tradition and key to weight loss – if you don’t want a cheat day, then fast on Sundays and make all your meals something to drink, or liquid.. soups, juices, smoothies.


Example menu (PHASE 1 – NO CARBS but STEVIA):


One  green smoothie – hold here, it doesn’t have to have veggies! Eg oatmeal, sunflower seeds, ½ apple, 1/4 PHASE 1 green smoothie: green veggies – best if leafy greens 1 cup try celery and spinach (1/2 a cup each) – 1 slice of pineapple, with the heart, ¼ cup of shredded coconut and coconut water (8 oz or 250 ml). Blend it all together. If you want for it to be more fluid, add plain water. Be warned that this as is will pile up to 16 oz or 500 ml.

One green omelet – 2 eggs and one white, or viceversa – add veggies either leafy greens or mushroom and bell peppers, with chives or onion. If you’re not patient for the omelet, scrambled work too

Two poached eggs on a bed of spinach (raw and disinfected if possible) or margherita – on top of a tomato slice with mozarella


Lunch/ dinner:

Smoked/Grilled/sealed chicken breast, turkey breast, salmon or tuna fillet; steamed veggies or raw salad- for steamed or grilled veggies think teriyaki, use sesame oil instead of soy sauce to make it Keto/ Alkaline. To pack up  protein in this one, add sesame seeds or sunflower seeds, that will bring out the taste of your teriyaki too.

Veggie pasta and meat – shred zucchini, carrots and a very small portion of beets (just to add color and iron), place on skillet or pan with tomato sauce and ground meat (prefer one that’s not red, or use your red meat day). And one box of 8oz tomato sauce – or equivalent. Spice it up! Cilantro, and garlic will work great on this. Add tofu on top or white cheese when warm, let it grate.

Poultry or fish fajitas – cut a large chicken breast or turkey breast, a slice of fish into cubes or strips. Dice in thin slices: bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and sliced zucchini. In a large skillet or pan place sesame, avocado or coconut oil to heat; add the peppers and onions until the onions are brown. Add mushrooms and zucchini. Then add the poultry or fish diced or in strips. For added protein, add sesame or sunflower seeds. I would prefer sesame oil due to proteinic properties and flavor.

Green salad – Your choice of rocket, spinach or collard greens… feeling adventurous? Try all of the above! Slice an apple or pear, add pecans or almonds and raisins. Make a dressing with greek yogurt and fennel for added protein. I personally prefer this as dinner or if you’ve had a large breakfast.

A note on Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt, unlike regular yogurt , is packed with protein, and has very little whey or sugar. It also balances your blood sugar, to stop sugar cravings.

Chicken cordon bleu – have one open chicken or turkey breast. Place one slice of prosciutto or turkey breast (not the processed one, if possible) and cheese. Close the chicken breast and paste it together with beaten raw eggs- “bread” it in parmegian cheese and place it in the oven – cooking time is between 20 – 25 mins. Have a large side order of salad, tomato, lettuce and olives with a hint of olive oil and balsamic vinegar is a great combo.

Veggie pasta – Tuna salad –  drain a can of tuna per person eating, add diced onion or chives, a hint of green peppers and mix. Serve on a bed of cooked zucchini pasta (as in spiraled, baked zucchini). Use greek yogurt dressing with the spice of your choice, cumin or fennel would be a great idea! Enjoy!


Dinner should be similar to lunch but in a smaller portion. Try to make lunch your largest meal of the day, and have dinner before 7 PM. Remember Keto IS the not how much you eat but what you eat. The only thing actually rationed here are eggs and chocolate!

Try not to snack! If cravings attack, drink a large glass of either plain or ginger-lemon water FIRST. If invincible have one of the following: an apple, a whole hand of nuts (almonds are best).

Drink tons of water –  as per current weight that should be 2.5 lts be mindful that drinking tea and spiced water – but ginger and lime might result in dehydration. Try to at least break even in water vs tea and coffee.

All diets start on Monday. So today is day zero. Be creative and have fun! It might be a good idea that you record any changes you see in your energy, sleep patterns and such, I saw a major improvement in 3 days.

I’ll walk hand-in-hand!