The Burning Question of Burnout

The World Health Organization has recently classified burnout 🚬 as an occupational phenomenon.. and you can check their article here: ==>>

🤔 Then… why do Business Owners (specifically the online ones) – Yes, I am thinking of #coaches#affiliatemarketers#solopreneurs and #topmanagers ✒️design or accept these impossible schedules 📝 in which they (quite literally) hardly have (or give) themselves time to breathe? 💥 BOOM!!

Wasn’t the idea to have quality of life? 💥 BOOM!
If you’re teaching high-performance 🏋️‍♂️, Why oh,WHY?! are you neglecting yourself 🧘‍♀️? your loved ones? your health🏋️‍♂️? your 💑 relationships? YOUR LIFE 🚣‍♂️🎭🎨 ?!

I know a lot think burnout 🚬 is a figment of my imagination 🙊, so let me ask you this 🔥 …
How many other yous do YOU have?

I have only one. And that one is the one that lives my life, loves my people, changes the world 🌎 through my 👩‍🏫coaching, this one me is also the mom to my children, wife to the love of my life 💑 🥰🥰😍, daughter, sister, friend…

Do you follow? Can you relate? If so, what are you willing to do about it? When?
Orr.. What kind of memories 🏄‍♂️🎭🥁 do you want to have🎨🎷🏊‍♂️? With whom 💑🏇🏌️‍♂️?

Shhh Angie, shhh. 🙊 People do not want to hear 🙉 this… they’ll go… Grrrrr 🙈🤬

Well, it is what it is, my dear.

I hope this post helped you be more aware ☀️ of what you’re doing to yourself and your loved ones 😱 to favor your success,🦹‍♂️ your work  or your position only.

Now, are you willing to 🎯 make time for the three most important spheres 🧘‍♀️ 💑 of your #wellness 🙏 NOW? Or will you still be heading to your doom and have to make time for your #illness instead?

Hey! Breathe!

I have some good news for you! 🙋‍♀️ I can help you turn burnout 🚬 into #unshakeablebalance, a work-oriented life into one #fueledbypurpose 🎯

Find how to make work-life balance possible and jump on a call with me. We can explore options on how I can help you #Balance2Soar and still #HealNGrow.
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My name is Angie Weaver from AF Infinity and I’m here to help you enjoy this ride we call life!


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Alternative to Goal Setting

Hello everyone!

Just yesterday I was working with my coach. I pointed out to her how much I hated describing goals or schedules or budgets, because at least in my case; it would seem as if doing so were a repellent to me achieving them.

She suggested I described them to full detail instead. Like my ideal job is: and go!

So, I here is the result to my alternate goal-setting technique. Here it is:

1)Visualize what you want.  – 

Where is it? Who are you with? What are the feelings or emotions that are present? What do you regularly do there? What do you get (material, spiritual, etc..)


Where? I work from home in my house in the forest.

Who am I with? I am with my family. And I get to have a balanced life.

What emotions are present? Love, peace, success, nourishment, joy.

What do you regularly do there? I exercise, eat healthy, spend family time, give online group sessions, some live group sessions and a few 1:1 coaching sessions.

What do I get? I get a closer relationship with God and my loved ones; a lot of love, spiritual and persona growth, for that growth, an immense array of possibilities to give!  A more than decent income that allows for me to live comfortably and practice reverse tithing.

The more detailed each of these is, the clearer it will be how you can make it work and what, and what to let go. This also applies to step 2.

2)Describe it in detail.

Include: people, colors, textures, places, sensations, feelings, your behaviors, your activity level.

3)Get to work on it!

Not there yet? It doesn’t matter! Build a close enough environment so you naturally orbit to it’s happening.

In my example the best thing I have done and have my clients do is build a schedule with activities and emotions that describe its happening…

For example: Build a schedule that allows for you to experience balance. With time to exercise, work, spend time with your loved ones.

Do activities that produce the emotions you want to experience.


Look for my video tomorrow on the describing textures, etc…

Have a lovely Thursday!

– Angie Weaver

On Coaching…

Hello everyone!

This is a very personal article to voice my concern as a coach. I have been coaching (on different areas) for the past 18 years. I have been a consultant, a coach and I hold a Masters in Counselling. And no, this is not about my resume. Its just to give you an idea that I DO know what I’m speaking of.

In the past weeks I have almost fainted while listening or seeing the proposals of some of my peers.

  1. You cannot diagnose someone after saying hi. You might be thinking… I’m sorry whaa? That IS NOT coaching! Agreed! And even more so on social media. By this I mean… my client has to share their problem with me BEFORE I make an assumption. E.g. You have limiting beliefs, Your self-esteem problems, etc.. Most empowerment comes from within and should be addressed in future sessions, not on the first one, NOT on a social media post!!! And not necessarily with those words…
  2. Coaching is about guiding someone to achieve a certain result. May that result be deep transformation, keeping true to losing weight or consistently achieving  goals. Yes, you will cheer your client but you are not only that. I have stated a number of times I am not my client’s cheerleader because they do not NEED my approval. I am not a motivator per se either. However I DO motivate my clients when they feel down to keep them true to their desire and their goals. My most important motivator is helping my clients build up unconditional self-love, self-acceptance and their own voice.
  3. We’ve got to STOP selling coaching! I mean STOP!!! Sell the result you deliver, sell your unique technique, sell, sell, sell… UGH! We are NOT at the supermarket!!! And we’re not tagging groceries! These are HUMAN lives we’re aiming to guide to their full potential. HUMAN.PRECIOUS.LIVES. Let that sink in.
  4. Be yourself! It really gets on to my nerves this assumption form either clients or fellow coaches that you’ve got to be (or pretend to be) perfect to be a successful coach. No, darling, we are ALSO HUMAN… not bots. So, it’s more than O.K. to feel a 9 in a scale from 1 -10 even have 5, 3 , 2 or 1 days… sometimes even weeks.. The idea is NOT to be or pretend to be perfect but to walk your talk and be able to be self-motivated and motivate others… And EVEN to take a TIME OUT!!!
  5. Coaching is a profession to serve and make the world a better place. We need gazillions to make that happen. Yes, gazillions of us, coaches. A whole bunch of people that are professional, act with integrity, make a difference in their own lives, their loved ones’ and their clients.

I recall that as a counselor I “made a vow” to be aware that every time a client sat in my practice I was carrying the name of all off my colleagues on my shoulders. I guess this a two-fold invitation.

On the one hand, to all my peers to act as one and to really CARE for the human in the other side of the screen, the phone, the audience or your desk.

On the other hand, to all clients that might be getting a bad impression of coaching, for those who feel short changed by coaching… my  practice is one click away.

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Your first session is my treat. Hop in!


Succeeding in the Now

Hello! Hello!

I trust you are all doing great! So today I decided to dedicate an article to Success. As you all may know by now, I am redefining success as a result of a balanced life. I will share more on that in a few articles. For today I will be speaking about mindset and the importance of succeeding in the now and the few steps to achieving it.

Succeeding in the Now… Hmmmmm? But, but, I haven’t gotten to my goal yet. True!

Aaand,, I need to take massive action to get there… Also true!

It’s just succeeding in the NOW implies that:

a) You know that the steps you are taking will take you to where you want to get. In other words, you have clarity on what success (destination) means.

b) With that clarity you have the certainty that the actions you are taking will get you closer to your destination.

c) You are confident enough of the two above (certainty and clarity) that you are willing to ADJUST your activities to succeed and for the good of all parts involved.

And on that c is EXACTLY where mindset comes. I believe there is NO failure, there are lessons to be learned along the way. It is the clarity and confidence in the NOW that you are already succeeding which will keep you going.

IF you don’t believe that to be true. Start and keep asking yourself

  • What do I need to do to succeed?
  • Is there anything I need to change to build up on my success?
  • Is there anything I need to learn?
  • Who do I need to surround myself with? ( Remember: It’s Ok if you don’t know them personally  (yet ) surround  yourself with them or be surrounded by them in form of: books, podcasts, posts… )
  • Is there anyway I can start mimicking the people I admire in any way possible?

So. Be ready to succeed in the NOW and in more than one areas of your life! Unstoppable success comes form the calmness of a core in a fit and healthy body that builds reasons to live and contribute in expansive, loving ways!

In this way, Unstoppable, Holistic Success is far from a DESTINATION. It IS a way of life that makes living and UNFORGETTABLE ride!

Do you want to hop in?

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The Goal Keeper

Good morning everyone!

The Goal Keeper

As a Life and Business Coach I love having goals and seeing how my life improves for that reason.

I am sharing with you a format I designed for this matter. As you will notice, the goal keeper has no deadline (which are my favorite kind of goals) – the reason is that Id rather build up habits and heal emotions on an every-day basis.

To be fully honest, most fitness transformations, through diet, exercise or both show (typically) in a three week period time. I know, I know, you would like to see faster results!

Other types of transformation might seem instantaneous and powerful, but the actual result might take somewhat longer.

I do too!

So this Goal Keeper format can be used weekly, quarterly or monthly (whichever suits you).

On the second slide you will also see the Habit Tracker, this page feeds the results column in the Goal Tracker, as you will be able to notice and refine changes based on your Habit Building. The sample I used is weight-loss for it’s clear, measurable and specific. Your Freebie is here:

The Goal Keeper

If you want to have a fun experience in learning how to achieve your goals, live the life of your dreams and heal, you can book a FREE Key to Your Fullfiling Success. Here: ==>> Here >>>

Happy weekend!!!


Chunkytize – Make time to Have Time!.

Dream Catcher

Hello everyone!

Come, learn how to Chunkytize and Make time to Have Time. The key is on how you get to do things.

Here are some tricks to it. 1) Do the things that are IMPORTANT, so they don’t become urgent. In this category I usually include, self-care. Spa time? Not really, or not what I am refering to; block one hour a day (at least) to read, meditate and exercise. Don’t worry it’s not one hour each. If blocking an hour for yourself seems impossible start with 15 minutes. Don’t have time to meditate? Practice mindfulness.Have a Date With Mindfulness

2) Block times for family and friends I know that is super hard if you’re a working mom. I try to do “smart multitasking” for that matter which means I cook/bake while I work and set up alarms to get my dish on time. I do the same with reading/meditating or exercising (at home) and laundry.

3) Ditch your to do list. Yes, that’s right! Ditch your to do list. Pick the three most important things on those per day and only three. – Tryi it for a week, the rest will “magically” take care of itself. Trust me.

4) Change those three things as needed through the week (think of your high-school/college schedule) somethings happened every day, some didn’t.

5) Block some personal time – no, this is not your hour for self this personal time is just like when you ask for it at corporate – for emergencies, I block like 1-3 hours per day for this matter.

Have fun building your schedule! And my personal tip for this is… Make your goals a little flexible – use words like by and about Yes, I am familiar (and use) the SMART goal system (Speciic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time constrained) BUT try using abou xx kilos/ pounds/ $$ and by x, y date, instead.

This small twitch will help you de-stress and still reach your goal. Happy prioritizing! If you want more information, Do you want to learn more?

Come, talk to me in your FREE

Unveiling the Unstoppable, Unshakeable, Unleashed, You!

1:1 Session

Start building the life you’ve always been dreaming!

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Have a great weekend!


Date with Mindfulness

Time: 5 to 15 minutes

A cup of your favorite drink

Time: 5 to 15 minutes

Grab a cup of your favorite drink. If it’s plain water add your favorite taste, it is important for this activity. Sit down on your favorite place and start a journal. You will need to read all these instructions first because I will ask for you to close your eyes. If you’d like to play some soothing music, do so.

Grab your cup, feel its texture. Smell your drink, close to dunking your nose to the cup. Now close your eyes and inhale deeply, what images come to your mind with this smell. What sensations arise? Do they elicit any emotion for you? Have a sip. Let it rest in your mouth. Notice its temperature, its texture. What flavors stand out? What sensations arise? Is there any emotion present? If any thought comes up just tell them thank you and let them go. Now is not their time, now it’s your time.

Repeat these instructions until you go through your whole drink. Before you open your eyes, notice if there are any sounds around you. If you put on some music, did you notice it while you were having your drink? No?

Welcome to the art of being mindful! Enjoy!

Mindfulness is a natural stress killer, practice it as often as you can. Of course it might imply one process at a time, but that will make you even more efficient and will aid you enjoy your life more!