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AF Infinity was founded to help people heal, one person at a time. We believe the world needs a lot more balance and a lot less stress. This is transformational weight loss. We believe the first pound off the scale is a magnet for results in other arenas of your life!

Our program will help you feel more energized, healthier and cut cravings.

In this page, you will find tools and links to live that experience. That includes, recommended links and programs; articles, books and therapy.

Who We Are

David J. Weaver


David John Weaver is a Lyme Disease warrior, US Army War Veteran and retired IBM Project Manager.  His path of success was overcast by Lyme Disease Treatments which took a major toll on him both physically and emotionally.

He went from 165 pounds and a 33 inch waist (being able to ride his bycicle 22 miles in about 1 hours time daily) to 225 pounds and a 40 inch waist in 3 years. He had to stop working at IBM in 2011 and ended up being barely able to walk. His doctors all encouraged him to exercise daily and maintain a ketogenic diet to boost his immune system.

In 2012, he obtained custody of his oldest son. He decided that it would be best to enroll his boy in Martial Arts for discipline and self-defense. So, he decided to join his son. He began at 1 hour twice a week and over the last five years he has progressed up to 12 hours and is currently testing for his Black Sash; he is alsois an assistant instructor.

In 2014, after New Year’s and all the food fests… he finally decided to try the diet and see if it helped his medical situation. The first three weeks were difficult giving up the sugar and carbs, but he did notice that he felt better for longer and he was losing weight. As with most of us, he HATED the change because he loves sugar and carbs. BUT, 3 years later and his health is stable for the most part as long as he maintains his exercise and ketogenic lifestyle.

He now competes in Martial Arts regularly having won two US Open World Championship Titles and lives on a very low carb low sugar diet. He is fully functional now where he was laid up in bed 5 years ago and walked with a cane for balance.

David can coach you to begin achieving wonderful results in your life as well! He not only coaches the lifestyle, he lives it. AND, he’s an example of the successes you can achieve with the proper tools and coaching, having retired as Captian for the Army; he has not only beat alcohol, tobacco and sugar addictions and has led a life of achievement and will typically lead by example in asking questions to guide your success.


English, French, German.


Angelica Fernandez

MA Life Experience Education; Humanistic Counsellor; Gestalt Education Specialit/ Pshychoterapist, Life Coach

Angelica is a Life Coach and Psychoteapist with more than 15 years experience in training, program design, and strategic coaching. She has designed from Corporate Strategies to Individual Success Strategies.

She had been dieting and into fitness for most of her life. However in 2006, she was involved in a car accident which she barely survived. She spent three months without moving much and eating a lot of bread and milk to help reduce the impact of the medicines she was taking for the pain of a broken collar-bone. That started changing her body by slowing her metabolism. Life went on, work, distances and traffic, made it even slower; and her “healthy eating choices” kept putting up weight and belly fat, without barely noticing so. At age 40, she got a divorce and things got worse; as she starte facing very stressful times, which had her packing up more visceral fat, even if when she was exercising 2 hours per day 7 days per week. She was battling depression and inflammation symptoms such as: heart-burn, nasal allergies, irritable colon, and joint pain. She stated up on a detox program (which kept her dehydrated), and then started desigining this program to help heal the Lyme symtpoms of David Weaver as prescribed by his MD, so she decided to merge the MD’s recommendations, her own expeirience in dieting and the detox program she had been on for the past month into one.

The magic happened and she started losing weight, achieving her goals and living the life of her dreams.

Angelica can coach you to achieve results by eating healthier, having a strategy for moving more often and succeeding in your life as well! She not only coaches the lifestyle, she lives it, and has changed her life by doing so. From battling depression,, eliminating all inflammatory related symptoms she was develooping and achieving the life of her dreams. AND, she’s also an example of the successes you can achieve with the proper tools and coaching.


English, Spanish, Portugese

Our plans:

With the money we make, we intend to feed poor people and teach them how to heal from within. Through changing packaged and processed foods to vegetables, and quality protein while focusing diet needs on grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and cereals – what wecall the AKA diet Alkaline, Ketogenic, Ayurvedic – . We believe any path of growth leads to healing, more self-acceptance, self-care and self-love. Any thing you do to improve or better your life will have a natural impact on making the rest better! We believe in making the world a better place through the proper nourishment; by putting the mind at peace and in the present through meditation techniques; and the soul by using the tools here you will find a healthier, more accpeting, more productive you. Make your fire within burn with light again!

#LiveInBalance #HealNGrow #Detox4Life #MasterYourBody #ConquerYourDreams

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