The Art of the 10thK Rep.

Hello Happy RISEnRAWR Babes!

Welcome to the Art of the 10th K Rep!

If you have been following me any, you have heard me say that, Consistent Determined Action is one of the largest keys to success. And I told you yesterday I wanted to share a secret with you. So, allow for me to elaborate in this one here…

If you don’t know me, I am a Strategic Intervention Coach devoted to help the world heal from stress so to experience balance and wellness instead in their Self, Love and Relationships and Business and Finance.

Just the other day, speaking to one of my children I was using Martial Arts as an example, as I am proud to share with you all, he is a Black Sash in Kung-Fu.

ME: How did you achieve the level of mastery you did? Was it an eight-hour training once a month, for three months?

Him: No!

ME: Exactly!

So here is the deal… Master any skill in life, you need 10k repetitions of the same thing. Improving it constantly, making it to a higher level or a higher challenge each time.

One. It is what you do consistently what matters most. 10 minutes a day of good cardio will go way further than any massive occasional training, however tough it might be.

Another part to achieve consistent action is to make it around something you love. Using the workout example again… It will be A LOT easier to practice something you love every day or regularly, than to drag yourself to do it. Of course, having sheer discipline is precious. I am in the busting stress and filling your life with pleasure, department thou.

And the determined part is to make it a goal that is filled with purpose, so you never lack drive, motivation, or focus.

So, all in all… whatever you want to master in life, start with these three and be ready to ROCK IT!

If what you want is stress free success and balance, do these three for the three key areas on your life: Self (Body, Mind, Soul) Love and Relationships, and Business and Finance.

I am fairly certain you have heard keep focus, motivated and busy and melt your stress away… Eh… I might disagree on that with you. Extreme business is a functional form of anxiety. Which is why, I work in threes. building mini-habits you love and that you can stack-up, always taking care of yourself first.

And one thing is certain, whichever area you pull to a higher level of success, will naturally pull the rest.

If you want to know work more deeply, in these and use the void of the crisis to build a life you ADORE living, come, let’s meet! Get your FREE 1:1 RISEnRAWR Consultation here: ==>>

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