Healing, A Process, A Story…


How many times have you heard… What’s holding you back?

The most common answer would be: FEAR and FEAR to the UNKNOWN.
Ah! When you have experienced emotional burn-out for any part of your life, you did a lot for others, for approval, to belong, or simply to avoid conflict and/or violence.

Then you work to change and start healing, and keep on working and healing… doors start opening. All of a sudden, you do not fear change… You seek it instead; you have mastered throwing yourself into the Abbyss in the hopes of a better life, held by faith, trust …

You lose some friends, you make new friends, all things toxic start magically disappearing from your  life. You want to control nothing, and to experience everything anew; now you are free to feel, you engross yourself in sensations, in expereinces, set better boundaries… can grasp your dreams.

You used to fear crying for the pain you had accumulated, it seemed that there was nothing that could stop you once you started. And one day, you cried and it was ok. It ended sooner than you thought.

Now you are braver and smarter and realize you have never felt the true flavor of success, of making your dreams come true… and still wonder if the feeling will overwhelm you, AND still have the courage to carry through!

Sound like something you’d like to experience?

This brief story is kind of a summary of my personal and professional experience in the path of Healing.

Now it’s your time to #HealUrEmotions2LIVE, #Live2Soar, come #RISEnRAWR!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Angie Weaver.

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