On Coaching…

Hello everyone!

This is a very personal article to voice my concern as a coach. I have been coaching (on different areas) for the past 18 years. I have been a consultant, a coach and I hold a Masters in Counselling. And no, this is not about my resume. Its just to give you an idea that I DO know what I’m speaking of.

In the past weeks I have almost fainted while listening or seeing the proposals of some of my peers.

  1. You cannot diagnose someone after saying hi. You might be thinking… I’m sorry whaa? That IS NOT coaching! Agreed! And even more so on social media. By this I mean… my client has to share their problem with me BEFORE I make an assumption. E.g. You have limiting beliefs, Your self-esteem problems, etc.. Most empowerment comes from within and should be addressed in future sessions, not on the first one, NOT on a social media post!!! And not necessarily with those words…
  2. Coaching is about guiding someone to achieve a certain result. May that result be deep transformation, keeping true to losing weight or consistently achieving  goals. Yes, you will cheer your client but you are not only that. I have stated a number of times I am not my client’s cheerleader because they do not NEED my approval. I am not a motivator per se either. However I DO motivate my clients when they feel down to keep them true to their desire and their goals. My most important motivator is helping my clients build up unconditional self-love, self-acceptance and their own voice.
  3. We’ve got to STOP selling coaching! I mean STOP!!! Sell the result you deliver, sell your unique technique, sell, sell, sell… UGH! We are NOT at the supermarket!!! And we’re not tagging groceries! These are HUMAN lives we’re aiming to guide to their full potential. HUMAN.PRECIOUS.LIVES. Let that sink in.
  4. Be yourself! It really gets on to my nerves this assumption form either clients or fellow coaches that you’ve got to be (or pretend to be) perfect to be a successful coach. No, darling, we are ALSO HUMAN… not bots. So, it’s more than O.K. to feel a 9 in a scale from 1 -10 even have 5, 3 , 2 or 1 days… sometimes even weeks.. The idea is NOT to be or pretend to be perfect but to walk your talk and be able to be self-motivated and motivate others… And EVEN to take a TIME OUT!!!
  5. Coaching is a profession to serve and make the world a better place. We need gazillions to make that happen. Yes, gazillions of us, coaches. A whole bunch of people that are professional, act with integrity, make a difference in their own lives, their loved ones’ and their clients.

I recall that as a counselor I “made a vow” to be aware that every time a client sat in my practice I was carrying the name of all off my colleagues on my shoulders. I guess this a two-fold invitation.

On the one hand, to all my peers to act as one and to really CARE for the human in the other side of the screen, the phone, the audience or your desk.

On the other hand, to all clients that might be getting a bad impression of coaching, for those who feel short changed by coaching… my  practice is one click away.

Here: ==>> https://my.timetrade.com/book/NQ4CH

Your first session is my treat. Hop in!


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