Get Trim from Within! Stack up Habits! #OneByOne

It’s time Hack Emotional Stress!
Hello again!

I truly believe in trimming down though and through. Lighter everything. instantly stands for increased flow.

Sooo… today I’ll be speaking of the power of getting Trim from Within! What does getting trim from within mean? It means literally travelling lighter in all aspects of your life, starting today!
Get rid of clutter. That’s just an example. To really get to the core and the nit and grit of your losing any and all excessive weight – or at least starting to trim down (your body, your  work load or your schedule – is dealing with your emotions and toxic habits, behaviors and self-talk; as those are a straight line to comfort foods, doing things for love, approval or acceptance, and addictions (yes, including work).

I am pro-action and against victimhood so, I won’t be speaking about food, addictions or even getting into toxic relationships. Instead,  I will be talking about the three core emotions that keep you falling off the wagon and into damaging toxicity.

1. Anxiety – also known (and more popularly known as) stress… A meeting with your boss, a heavily loaded work-day, traffic, DEBT (financial or emotional), politics you name it. Endorphins needed!!!

2. Sadness/Pain/Grief – any loss. Literally any loss. We don’t seem to grow much through time, do we? Do you recall when you cried over a doll or a toy car? Bad news is, in a way, you still do! We all do. Say you lose your I-phone 10, or your favorite technology gadget; or cannot buy it. You’ll get comfort food instead, right? Again, think of the break-up ice-cream scene of any movie.

3. GUILT – ah! This is a heavy one, perhaps the heaviest in the list. There are so many things we feel guilty for, so very many! The most popular among super-busy over-achievers?a) I didn’t go to the gym AGAIN! Ugh, I cannot make time for even that; b) I didn’t get to my family reunion for working, I got too late to see my kid/s off to bed (again!) Ugh!; c) I failed at … (fill it with whichever thing you want on this list). The problem with guilt is that guilt is the mother of all addictions and mindless activities. As guilt is a combination of anxiety and sadness with the extra point of self-blame and typically, self-demanding (possibly through unrealistic goals or lack of boundaries).

By the way, Grief and Guilt add up to the Anxiety and Stress combo… So, if you want to trim from within…
Start tackling those emotions by cleansing the people and activities that trigger them; you could change the meaning of the interaction or just stop seeing that person or avoiding the activity.
Get into emotional liberation practices like EFT.
Make your goals more REALISTIC and ELIMINATE or MINIMIZE your self-demand. Yes, goals should be ambitious, but not overwhelmingly so.

And of course, to succeed START TODAY! Take ONE action, ideally one you can build a habit of and stack up on it.

Need help? Stop struggling getting your life back into shape!

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See you soon!

Angie Weaver

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