The Key to Keeping Weight Off Is..

It’s time to keep the weight off!!!
Today I’m super excited to share with you how to hack the code to your keeping fit. No, this is not a fad diet or a miracle cure. Not even a lecture on which foods to eat or not to eat,for that matter I’ll share the my free e-book Keto to Save Your Bod diet for free soon!
This e-mail will guide you through a different kind of tips. Lifestyle tips. As a Strategic Intervention Coach I love going deeper and finding the core of the matter when I feel stuck in any way. And yes, this is my struggle too. Even if, I have managed to lose over 8 pounds, I still have work to do and there are times in which I cannot escape from falling off the wagon. So, here are my techniques:
1. Get off the scale! This goes hand-in-hand with quitting on being over-demanding. Setting super-high goals or expectations are an almost certain road to frustration and bingeing on toxic foods and behaviors. Think of pigging out on ice-cream movie scenes to combat depression.Try ambitious but SMART goals instead. Simple, Measurable, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC and Time constrained. (in this last one, I find most amicable to weight-loss defining when I start not when exactly I get to shed x pounds or inches).ç

2. Commit to moving daily. The recommendation is 20 minutes straight. Walk everywhere you can.
3. Set time apart in which you can exercise (doing your favorite activity) for at least an hour 3 – 5 times a week. This is key to your getting fitter. You can read about our favorite ideas in this article:

4.Enjoy deeply what you eat, the time you walk or the exercise you pick. You can get a double benefit if you listen to empowerment meditations, e-books or simply do so to your favorite energizing music.

5. Keep a journal of what you eat. “Sorry, whaaa?” you might be thinking. Don’t worry! Keep a journal of what you eat when it is associated to an emotion and work on it if you can with your coach, if not try expressing it in safe, and supportive places.
For example, I used to smoke when I felt sadness crawl up my throat.
Cigarettes are not food, fair enough, but you get the idea; right?
6. Set a reward system. Here’s mine.
Complete gym bag – 1 cup of coffee.
1 week of complete gym bag – 1 smoothie. (I evidently suck at packing up my gym bag)
Kept to my exercise routine – 3 – 5 times a week. – 1 chocolate thin.
Kept to my exercise routine for a whole month – 1 non-keto think crust pizza  day!

7. State a purpose for your being fit. Mine is Fitter! Stronger! Younger? Here are some others: Trimmer means Healthier; or the Fitter, more Energized, Successful in every way. The idea is that it’s your purpose, a powerful statement that clearly addresses you powerful why, This is the motivation to the driver to keep you commuted to your goals

Extra tip: When I fall off the wagon I usually get back on it through fasting.

See you soon! #SustainableWellnessBits.

Ps Remember that you can Book your free Breakthrough to Wellness session here: =>>


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