Healing 101 – Self-love

This is Self-empowerment series day 1.

A little about me and how self-love and self-worth have helped me turn my life around.

As a very young child I lived some non life-threatening but life-altering experiences. Two of which made build a rather good friendship with the floor, a rather lonely childhood, a vast experience in bullying and a low self-esteem as a result of it all .

The bright side of it all is that I also became a resourceful, strong, girl, now woman.

Long story short, in my early 30’s I ended up in a toxic couple’s relationship, who I ended up marrying and divorcing shortly afterwards and in a toxic job.  The the core to the matter to me accepting both relies on HOW I got there.

The answer is simple, I wanted to belong at whatever it took. The flaw was I was living my life on other people’s terms and priorities, not mine And only through my resourcefulness and strength did I manage to get myself out of both scenarios.

However what became evident by living these two experiences was that I needed to work on my self-worth and my self-esteem.

Once I started pulling myself out of those scenarios, I discovered how dead inside I was. I barely gave myself time to breathe, and I didn’t want to come home to a man who complained of me making any noise while he watched TV, or played video games.

So I started building to save myself. My first discovery, was self-love is essential for health, success and happiness. My favorite definition of self-love is the art of accepting, loving and caring for yourself just as you are. No holds barred, That is the only way out, from a life in survival mode, in functional anxiety; constantly wondering what I was here for.

So in here are three principles to working on this self love and deep self-acceptance.

  Work for you, not against you. – Make a poster, build a subliminal or write on the cover pages of your organizer your strengths, the ones you have and the ones you want to develop, you’ll get there, trust me! Read or listen to them at least three times per day for 5 minutes.

  Hug yourself and book time to take care of yourself. Take a mindful shower, give yourself a face massage or a neck massage, nurture yourself – remember you cannot give what you don’t already have.

  Speak kind words to yourself, and clean your self vocabulary. Recognize everything you do well during a day, and if you err at something or make a mistake, even cheer on your learning how to do things differently. Remember, there is no failure, there are lessons to be learned. You can only fail if you give up!

Schedule time to build a connection and a nurturing relationship with yourself, make yourself a PRIORITY, you set up the pace and the ante on how you allow others to treat you by how you treat and respect yourself and your boundaries.

#StartToday! #HealFromWithin #RISE to #RAWR, #Live2Soar!

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