Self-empowerment 101 – Self-love

This is Self-empowerment series day 1.In my adventures and misadventures in life, I realize today I have come a very long way. In this series of articles I will be sharing concepts I have learned as a Coach and Counsellor and also have lived as healing tools. As a very young child I lived some non life-trheatening but yes life-altering experiences. Two of which made build a rather good friendship with the floor, a rather lonely childhood and low self-esteem. The bright side was I also became a resoourceful, strong, girl, now woman. Long story short, in my early 30s I ended up in a toxic couple’s relationship, who I ended up marryying and divorcing shortly afterwards and a toxic job. The issue and the core to the matter relies on HOW I got there.The answer is simple, I wanted to belong at whatever it took. The flaw was I was living my life on other people’s terms and priorities, not mine.So my resourcefulness and strength got me out of both scenarios. And what I discovered is what I am going to share in these articles. I was already a licensed Counsellor in Mexico and had a very good psychologycal foundation, supervision therapy helped me also realize how dead insideI was by staying in that kind of life. So I started building to save myself. My first discovery, was self-love is essential for health, success and happiness. My favorite definition of self-love is the art of accepting, loving and caring for yourself just as you are. No holds barred, That is te only way out, You cannot give what you do not have, so love yourself to thrive. 

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