“The Purpose and Contribuiton Conundrum”

“The Purpose and Contribuiton Conundrum”

When I was a child, my favorite cartoon was Sccooby-Doo. So, you will see its influence in a lot of my posts. 

Some years ago, I didn’t even want to talk about having a purpose or even trascending in any way. As time went by, I discovered that there are no greater drivesr at any age than growth, purpose and contribution. When I faced depression, building and focusing on a purpose greater than I am got me up every day.

I will talk about growth more tomorrow.

Back to today’s matter. Having a purpose means giving meaning to your life, having a reason to get up. Making it about contribuition is about making it about something greater than yourself. As in anytihing in life, you can start small. A gesture, a good tip. Really seeing and acknowledging those who cater to you in any way. A waiter, the valet, bus driver, etc.. Giving away a smile, giving away your time and experience to help others. You could start a charity, volunteer or give away your time and talent to help others. Yes, tese others can be your family too. Live a life with purpose and get up with a smile on your face!

If you want to learn more about this, please feel free to message me on FB me or book your free Discovery Strategic Intervetnion session here: >> https://bit.ly/2C9AkgO

Thanks for reading!

See you in a bit!

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