“The Purpose and Contribuiton Conundrum”

Some years ago, I didn’t even want to talk about having a purpose let alone trascending in any way. As time went by, I discovered that there are no greater drivesr at any age than growth, purpose and contribution. When I faced depression for having lost my main income, most of my work and got a divorce (both huge breaktthroughs from toxicicyt, but still a loss) and then my 5 day old cat died in front of me of eline panleukopemia – she was a rag when I got her to the vet. I had to regrooup and rebuild myself brick to brick in the awareness to evolve from said toxicity and build a stronger, happier,more fulfillling life.

Shortly after, I met a man that changed my ife – he said the magic words… Discover a life by serving another, that will give purpose and meaning to yours.

Ah! then my focus started on looking for ways in which I could change the world doing exacly what I loved. My search got me to several different answers – teaching people how to eat better building and focusing on a purpose greater than I am got me up every day. I was already a learning and kind of a wellnes/ fitness junkie at that point.

Soon, I discovered that three things were key to one’s life – Growth, Purpose and Contribuution.

Having a purpose means giving meaning to your life, having a reason to get uping. Making said purpose about contribuition gives it the pull of making it about something greater than yourself.

As in anytihing in life, you can start small. You can try starting by a gesture, a good tip. Really seeing and acknowledging those who cater to you in any way. a waiter, the valet, bus driver, etc.. Giving away a smile, giving away your time and experience to help others. You could start a charity, volunteer or give away your time and talent to help others. Yes, tese others can be your family too. Live a life with purpose and get up with a smile on your face!

You can also book a Free Life Purpose Discovery session here ==>> https://bit.ly/2C9AkgO



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