Day 5! Balance to Thrive


So, we’ve talked about some of our diet principles, some emotional detoxing, some scheduling and the importance of goal achievement.

Now, it’s time for the Spiritual stuff. Oh, and BTW, I won’t be writing tomorrow, for as a Christian, tomorrow is a day for fasting and meditation. Which brings me back to the Spiritual part of this program. For growing your connection with God/Source or Spirit we promote and encourage

  1. Breathing – practice breathing exercises. We know you do it every day, but by breathing exercises I mean inhale deeply, hold, exhale, hold. Here’s how: Inhale and count to 4, Hold up to a 4 count, Exhale in the same fashion and hold again for 4. Practice this technique every time you remember to do so, and raise it up by 2s until you get to a count of 22 per turn.
  2. Mindfulness – one thing at a time! We are well aware nowadays fast-paced lives demand for multi-tasking, specially if you’re a parent. However, our brains can effectively perform ONE process at a time. Mindfulness will also give you peace of mind and teach you to live in the NOW.
  3. Meditation! – Ah! Meditation is key for a quiet and balanced brain. It will reduce your stress levels,  allow for a sharper mind, and some studies show it even has rejuvenating effects.


Happy soaring!


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