Lent days 23 – 26! Xtreme Detox – 2!

Hello again!

This fasting is a call for cleansing. I know I have not posted for a few days, as I walk the talk or this process, I am developing and exploring what to share.

And the plan we promote goes way beyond dieting, it scrapes at the core of your allowing toxins in your body… from foods to people.

Mind your words for they create your reality. Watch your words when you speak about others,  as they could find their way back to you.

But above all, watch the words you allow or speak to yourself. This is you life and Your story and nobody else’s.

It DOES matter which glasses you’re seeing the world with, for that is what you will seek to achieve.

It DOES matter how you relate to others – with unconitional love and acceptance? Or are you hooked on remorse, unforgiveness or lack of acceptance – remember they’re your mirror. The stirring inside is yours, NOT theirs.

It DOES matter that you LIVE!

We designed this program to help you heal, to help you SOAR!

“For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.” – Psalm 33:9



Please contact us at: angelica@afinfinity.com



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