Lent days 20-22 – Xtreme Detox !

Hello, hello!

I did design this program for the love of my life and with his help. Today I would like to take a small detour and share a bit of the rest of the design.

  1. Diet
  2. Fitness/ Movement
  3. Coaching/ Personal Growth.

I called this article Detox Extreme for I want to talk about the deeper parts of the program.

  1. Diet – The eating regime we set forth basically takes you back to the basics, eat real foods, feed your brain and muscles with fats, and help your body process it all by adding fruits, and fibers. while packing up on spices What this will have your body do is work more effectively, have more energy, decalcify your pineal gland (growing your focus and intuiton) and eliminate fat – Moving energy 1.
  2. Fitness – As you might have noticed we are not huge gym advocates but more into Martial Arts, Yoga, Dancing and sports that involve breathing, working with your own weight and moving – Energy movement 2
  3. Coaching – Yes, we will help you reach your goals vs weight loss and fitness, but one of the most important parts of this program is biting at the core of what’s eating you and causing you to binge. Which self-talk, emotions, and thoughts have you packing up energy. – Moving energy 3

Why is moving energy important, you might be asking yourself. The anwser is simple, stagnat energy will eventually turn toxic and get you ill. Yes, that Coaching part is important because clogged emoitons lead to binging, over-eating, addictions, etc.

So here’s my proposal. Before you go to bed, dedicate some time to write down 3 thoughts that have been constantly on your mind that day, do the same for 3 emotions, 2 things you tel yourself.  Notice the sensations that arise when you write them. Do this for a week. And underline the ones that you see more often. When/What is happening when they appear. I am not saying who beause the one feeling/ thinkig/ saying them is you

Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these. Mark 12:31

My invitation is to treat yourself with love and the rest will follow

 Move your energy and grow!

Have a lovely Friday!

Questions? Comments?

We’re here to help! Write to: angelica@afinfinity.com




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