Lent Day 19: The Ultimate Weight-loss Plan!

Hello again!

Just a while ago I was discussing this on FB…  Whatever you ingest will keep you packing pounds, toxins and ultimately getting ill.

Allow for me to stop for a bit here.. Whatever you ingest Literally! May it be food, words, thoughts or emotions. And there is science behind this story too! When we’re stressed we produce a hormone called cortisol. And cortisol is responsible for storing fat and water.

What you ingest will make you either on a stressful state or a relaxed one… stress in your primary brain means danger, danger means storage…

I hope you’re following on this train of thought. So in Lent we set forth the intention to detox, to get closer to God. Remember how I said watch your intake too? Well, this is exactly what I was reffering to. Not taking into account comfort foods that we usually pack-up on while we feel sad, stressed or afraid!

We have a saying here… what makes you ill is not what you’re eating, but what is eating you. Mind your thoughts and words and get ready to be healed!

Happy soaring!


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