Lent day 15 – Healthy, Tasty, Green?

Hello again!

This Lent program is about getting closer to God, right? And just yesterday I was speaking about loving yourself, what better way to love yourself and be closer to God than cleansing your eating habits so you eat as closer as He had originally intended?

And that’s exactly what this plan is about!

This is our diet in a few lines:

  1. Avoid all packaged and pre-processed foods but sausage, bacon, cold cuts and canned salmon or tuna. (Look for the ones low in sodium)
  2. Reduce your carb intake and eliminate anything that is white: pasta, rice, sugar. if it’s white, it’s processed unless it’s coconut skin or snow.
  3. Eliminate or dramatically reduce simple carbs such as: potatoes, white rice and legumes as they turn into sugar in your blood.
  4. Pack up on veggies and fruit.
  5. Eat healthy amounts of protein and fat.
  6. Spice it up! Add spices to your foods they have tons of properties that will help you lose weight and feel great!

These 5 points will allow for you to have a balanced diet,  gain focus, and feel more energetic than ever before!

Oh, the picture is of one of my favorite “green” smoothies – iced or warm coffee (not hot), cream and a handful of nuts to the blender. Mix. Enjoy!

Happy soaring!


We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at: angelica@afinfinity.com


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