Lent Day 7 – Quietude, Silence, Guidance – Prayer, Meditation and Good Will

Hello again!

Lent is a 40 day process in which we commemorate Jesus’s going to the dessert to be ready to fulfill his mission on earth and be crucified so our sins would be purified by his blood. And I am eternally grateful for that.

As a Christian and having been brought up Catholic, I learnt it as a personal sacrifice by giving up something “extra”, something you love or not eating red meat or pork. Today I see it differently. I see Lent as a time of quiet, quietude and  self-improvement to communicate more deeply with God.

I will share with you now two ways you can practice meditation and prayer on the go. I would still dedicate a time of stillness to each. In any case, I will share with you my 101 strategy.

I’m sure you think meditating is lighting incense, candles, music and sitting still with your mind still for 1+ hour… and perhaps have found that as an impossible feat! Guess what? So did I!

But wait! There IS a way! Practice mindfulness.  This is easier said than done, but practice makes perfect.

Three steps:

Step one – One thing at a time.

Step two – focus on your breathing NOT on quieting your mind.

Step three – practice makes perfect. I stated by doing so when cooking or working.

There is no real shortcut for prayer, however I do recommend a couple of things. I pray at least 2 times a day  – first thing after waking, last thing before bed.  I say at least because aside from dedicating God some quality time of your day, you could include Him in your ife. I constantly ask for guidance, I constantly thank God for the blessings  received every day, and I ask for forgiveness when I catch myself doing something wrong like criticizing someone.

So that’s it for today!


Happy growth!

If you need anything, please feel free to contact me at: angelica@afinfinity.com


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