Lent Day 6 – Every Diet and New Habit starts On MONDAY!


If you noticed in my schedule I marked three habits only and I will do that per item, so more then a schedule I have a sketch of must dos that are important before they become urgent.  That’s the first trick.

The second trick is building a sturdy habit. Here are three keys.

Key # 1Make it stick Use an empowering phrase, an acronym or  cheer yourself, but a habit that you remember naturally, is an habit you will keep on doing.

Key # 2Make it easily accessible. E.g. if you want to eat healthier have zippy bags with healthy choices readily available to grab and go.

Key # 3Build it into your schedule. Perhaps you’re a person that easily builds habits and routines like myself. In that case, a defined schedule may be your trick. Too busy a schedule? Also me on some days and circumstances, adapt and be flexible.  For example, break your workout into mini routines  every say 2- 3 hours, move for at least two songs.

Tomorrow I will be talking about mindfulness meditation and prayer.

This Lent period, to get closer to God, destress and get organized. The more you grow, the further you will go. A little order goes a long, long way. Take a small step forward, and  improve your life every day.

If you have any questions, more information or are interested in taking a step further forward, please feel free to e-mail me at: angelica@afinfinity.com

See you soon!
Happy soaring!


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