IIIt’s Suuundaaay!!!

Yes, I get excited on Sundays. For me, Sunday’s represent family time devoting, a special time for God, planning my week ahead and seeing the achievements of the past week.

So… for this two days I am going to share 3 tools that work wonders for me.

Tool One is the FoodList – attached to this post – , so you know what to buy and are able to avoid temptation by having access to healthier choices.

Tool number Two is a link to our sample menus for the week, be reminded that in Lent we suggest you fast on weekends (or any 2 days of the week).

Tool number Three is a sample of my Week Plan (document attached to this post). As you will see, it has no schedules. But 3 key habits instead.


Happy growth!

If you have any questions, would like to know more about our plans or want a free private 30 min session please feel free to contact me at:


Make sure to follow our FB fanpage at AF Infinity

And join our FB group at:  Weight Loss Support Group! AKA Diet and Fitness


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