Day 3 – The power to be Me!


This is the last day of fasting! I hope it’s got you feeling great! And how are your goals going? Remember, any question you might want to ask, please feeel free to contact  us here or at:

Keep the Wheel of Life handy, we’ll be working with it tomorrow! No Manifestation Challenge would be complete with two key elements, with which we’ll be working today.

  1. Gratitude is THE Attitude! Start a gratitude journal, or ritual. I prefer the journal because it is more powerful in the way it generates more awareness. In any case give thanks either every morning or every evening of 3 things you are grateful for either out loud or written down in your journal. It is ideal that these 3 things are different every day.  It has been said that when you reach 99 different things your life will be truly blessed, or more clearly, YOU will realize that YOU ARE Blessed.
  2. Self love. Let me stop here for a moment. the title for today’s article is the power to be me. Right? Well, in this case me is YOU. 🙂 One of the largest keys for personal development, manifesting and living a goodlife. Self love is of the utmost importance, but not as narcisism but as the taking care of yourself, setting clear boundaries to whatever and whoever isi blocking your development and spending time actually loving yourself. Taking care of yourself means eating right, exercising, taking care of your emotions to keep the vibes up.  Build a vision board with all of your postive traits, Repeat to yourself I love yourself as often as you can. Meditate on self love and self acceptance.

Have fun with this challenge as I will share some adventurous things to love yourself more in the coming days.

Keep on building up the good work! See you tomorrow and may 2018 be the year you forever change your life!




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