Kick-Start Your Body – 5 Easy Steps to Reebot and Thrive

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As you might have heard before, going through a Detox process can and will make you look and feel healthier and younger. The thing is, detox will actually make you heal from the inside out. You will be packing up on natural ant-inflammatory and antioxidant foods.


This is important because these can make your cells healthier and your immune system stronger. A lot of diseases are related to inflammation examples include: allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, coeliac disease, IBS, GERD, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

A Detox Process is that in which the three main disposal systems (respiratory, urinary and intestinal) in your body, will get rid of toxins making your body work more efficiently.

There are three keys to this process:


  • What you eat and at what time
  • What you drink
  • Moving

All of these are aimed at making your Metabolism faster, and I’ll cover a bit to every one of them in this report, so your body systems work in a smoother, more effective way, thus allowing for you to use energy better and dispose what it doesn’t actually need, in turn getting you naturally to your ideal weight.



  1. Eliminate all sugar and all pre-packaged and processed foods.

The only sweeteners we use in this program are liquid Stevia and Xylitol for their healing properties and low-carbohydrate ratio. We use raw honey and/or maple syrup in further stages of this program, and only in very seldom occasions.


Eliminating all processed and packaged foods is key, for the main preservative in them is sugar and salt and something called sodium glutamate – that last one, boosts the cravings and indigestion and is a renown allergen.

Eat Nutritious Foods instead, a huge part of keeping your body healthy is eating right. Some foods are actually shown to help increase your metabolism. What kinds of foods, you ask?

Make sure to get plenty of protein in your diet

A lot of us neglect their protein intake and eat too many carbohydrates, and this is never a good thing. Ensure that you are getting enough protein in your diet from high quality organic sources like chicken, turkey, beef, fish and seafood and other sources. Meat is one of the best sources of protein but you do need to be careful about the quality. The more protein that you consume on a regular basis the less likely you are to feel starved throughout the day and feel the need to eat high carb food.


Whole, foods are great for your metabolism, because they are free from preservatives. If you can choose organic, it’s best because they are also free from pesticides (I cannot stress this enough!)


While free from toxins, your thyroid runs more smoothly and rewards you by regulating your how your metabolism processes Omega 3, a vitamin often found in fish and nuts, plus it will balance your blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation in your body.

  1. Cutting up on carbs will boost your metabolism SO LONG as you pack up on veggies and/or fiber and water. Best if said water has lemon/lime or citric wedges, a pinch of salt and stevia. It will allow for you to be better hydrated.
  2. Choosing warm, room temperature or chilled drinks over cold ones. Warm drinks not only help fat out of your system, but will also aid your digestion. Green tea and alkalized water are amogst our favorite choices. An antioxidant called catechin, which is contained in green tea, helps your body out with fat oxidation. A similar benefit is found in LemonGinger water or tea (put 2 slices of ginger root and the juice of 1/2 a lemon or lime in 1 lt of water)


This means that your body uses the energy instead of converting it to fat—how helpful!

Whether you drink your tea hot or iced, it s body-toning effects will not be far behind. However, it takes almost 5 cups of tea a day to burn only 100 calories. So go ahead and mix and match, green tea and ginger water.

  1. Spicing your food up – spices as cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric help you boost your metabolism, and aid digestion amongst many other benefits.
  2. Move!


Walk if you may, 20 mins after every meal. Walk, 15 – 20 minutes after every meal. Start slow and keep your pace up, but be reminded to be able to talk while at it. The point is making you move, not sweating your head off.

Stand more often, for longer spans of time, standing makes your inner body able to move faster and more effectively.

Laugh More Often! Similar to exercise, laughing increases your heart rate, making your body consume more energy. Take a quick break to watch a funny video, or spend time telling jokes with a co-worker over lunch. Laughter will not only make you feel good, but it also can help you burn calories. Laughter also increases your body’s oxygen intake so it has more anti-oxidants, plus it will keep your vibes up, and your energy flowing more smoothly!

Keep in mind that the best way to start a diet is fasting for 1 day and cleansing your colon before starting. By fasting, I mean drinking all your meals – broths, smoothies, etc.. And by cleansing I am referring to added fiber, castor oil, etc.. ONE time during the day. This when you’re constipated or feeling heavy (not more than one day, and not more than once a week – ideally, less).

This program is based on a diet prescribed by a physician in the United States to a Lyme Disease Patient. A low-carb ketogenic approach has many benefits amongst which are: reducing or improving the conditions and symptoms of sugar related illnesses, inflammatory ailments such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS) and Gastric Reflux Disease (GERD), it is known to improve Lyme Disease and Cancer symptoms for killing bad cells and bacteria. The Ketogenic diet was designed to reduce seizures in epileptic patients and it is known to reduce the probability to develop Alzheimer’s Disease and increase energy and brain-activity. If you wish to learn more about our program. Visit:

=>> How My Diet Changed My Life in 30 Days.

And remember.. The quality of your food and the quality of your fitness will soon translate in the quality of your life!

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