Fear, PTSD, and other Anxiety Related Symptoms

Disclaimer: This article was written in Spanish and in English to help people in America (the continent) to face the natural disasters each country has been facing. Sessions that result from this article up to October 1st will be free of charge. Any other session PTSD related, hired after October 1st will be charged full price, however half the proceeds will be donated for the recovery of natural disaster victims in Mexico.

Fear, PTSD and other Anxiety Related Symptoms

Natural disasters all over the world have impacted thousands. Due to my national heritage, I will be focusing on the earthquakes that shook Mexico these past September 7 and September 19th which have generated loss and wounds in some, and in others woke memories and old fears. What all faced was a REAL death threat and/or the loss of their house, work and/or physical health.

It is completely normal that after experiencing or living a life-threatening event, you have upsetting memories, feel on edge and haver trouble sleeping. You might also be jumpy, and find it difficult to do normal daily activities like working, going to school and even spending time with your loved ones. However, should some months go by and you are still having these symptoms, you might have PTSD.

What is PTSD and What are its Causes?

As stated earlier, it is usually the result of living a life-threatening event and it might appear almost immediately after the experience or after a few months or even years.

PTSD is Generated by:

Living traumatizing or dangerous events.

Be hurt from these experiences.

Childhood trauma

SEE another person WOUNDED or DEAD

Feel horror, helplessness or extreme fear.

Having few or no social support during (being alone) or after the event.

Having to face stressing factors after the even such as the loss of safety, home, work or a loved one.

You will notice that I have underlined the first four. We have been through a life-threatening event, A CHILDHOOD TRAUMA particularly on those adults over 38, who experienced the 1985 earthquake too and was hooked to the news for two full weeks, and/or experienced any kind of loss, which will be naturally reawakened by these past two events.  UN TRAUMA EN LA NIÑEZ todo habitante mayor de 38 años (aproximadamente) que vivió el 85 y estuvo conectado a las noticias por dos semanas enteras, o perdió algo/ alguien en aquél entonces padece de ese trauma.

So, if you have been watching the news, or whatsapp, social networks, etc, for more tan 12 hours, please STOP NOW. And for the love of all that is Divine in you DO NOT show these to children under 15. This is a way to re-living the event over and over again feeding the likelihood of having PTSD. If you hav decided to join the rescue brigades, it is likely that you experience PTSD; in which case my practice is open for you at anytime.

Other symptoms include:

Avoiding situations that remind you of the event.

Trouble remembering key features of the traumatizing event.

Having negative feelings or beliefs – including guilt, shame, and losing interest in things you used to like doing.

Do not expose yourself to a constant state of emergency, it will take a toll in you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Other PTSD and/or anxiety symptoms include: loss of appetite, insomnia, lack of concentration or brain fog, fatigue, anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure or joy), and in some cases irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and even diarrhea.  para experimentar placer o gozo), y en algunos casos síndrome de colon irritable o incluso diarrea por ansiedad.

Calm down, as best you can. Try to get back to your routine as normally as you possibly can. Follow the oxygen mask principle, you need to have oxygen first in order to be able to help others, so cater to your needs FIRST. Try, as best as possible, to get back on track in other aspects of your life. Meditate, exercise and/or have breakfast before checking up on the news. Be reminded praying and meditating are also ways of helping others.

Be Grateful you’re Alive

Be Grateful for all you DO Have.

STOP Reliving the Life-threatening experience through the media.

Survivors and severe victims of these past events need your help in the long run, not only for a couple of weeks. The need for material, psychological and emotional support is just starting, for the victims, wounded and rescue brigadiers. For them, the past will remain as a present condition for a long time. Your being grounded will be of help once the emergency has passed.

This is my intention to help, at a distance, but present in all the ways I actually can. In the short and the long-run, online.

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