The Perfect Excuse: Overweight People Tend to Live Longer


I participate in several dieting groups to help people on their journey. Today in the morning, a woman shared a perfect weight chart for women according to their height. This chart gives a very wide scope per body type. Here’s the chart:


Almost instantly, another user argued that one could eaisly add at least 20 pounds to each category and live longer. She also shared the following article: Study: Overweight People Live Longer. I read the whole article, and it does argue that Overweight people tend to live 17% longer than those in their normal weight, it also addresses the fact that said life expectancy might be the result of treatment and medication.

That might be true. So, overweight people tend to live 17% longer DUE to treatment and medication. But.. How do their medical bills look like? Is their energy level high? Can they go up one flight of stairs without panting? And their muscle tone? Their life goals?

I happen to have an idea of the answers to those questions: High bills, low energy, they will pant half way up, their muscle tone is either poor or inexistent and it is likely that they will struggle achieving some – if not most of their life goals.

And here is exactly where we come in. Our program is designed to reduce medical bills, for our diet helps improve the symptoms and/or the following conditions: Inflammatory Diseases, Lyme Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Brainfog and Epileptic Seizures (for it is based on a Ketogenic protocol; while having a positive impact on energy levels, focus and stamina. Our fitness program is focused on increasing your lung capacity, therefore reducing your heart-rate and increasing your muscle tone (key to having a greater quality of life and mobility in the long-range).

And what does this have to do with achieving my life goals, you might be asking yourself? EVERYTHING! With us you will have the energy, the focus and the guidance (through our coaching program) to achieve the life of your dreams! Our program will also keep you motivated, true to your dreams and seeing massive results by reaching your ideal weight and your goals while feeling AND looking your best!

Are you willing to “Die young, as late as possible?” – Ashley Montague

And live your dream life while at it?

Or are you willing to be dead while living? Make every day count!

Contact us today! We are here to help you thrive!

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