Food Balance and AKA Benefits

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I was having a very interesting conversation with an obesity and Type 2 diabetes expert. He was voicing his concerns about this kind of diet, and was telling me how some of his colleagues had faced problems by taking up on similar plans. For that reason, today I would like to share with you the roots to this kind of dietary lifestyle and the benefits that come from it.

As you have perhaps already read in this page, this is based on diet guidelines as presrcibed by an MD, I made it yeast free, alkaline and ayurvedic to boost the benefits of his plan (already alkaline and ketogenic).

This program is therefore, a low-carb, high-fat and moderate protein one. This means zero pre-packaged and processed foods (but a few canned ones). It also means you will et to eat whole foods rich in fat and proteins ALONG with Fruits and Veggies. This consists on a balanced diet minus simple carbs and cereals. For more guidelines on which foods to choose from, check our food list ==>> Here.

Now for the benefits, alkaline diets were created to prevent your body from getting ill; as fungi, viruses and bacteriae cannot live in an alkaline environment. So we pick alkaline foods. The benefits of a ketogenic approach are quite more extensive and to ennumerate some

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