Master Your Body, Conquer Your Dreams!

Good morning!

Starting on this program is a lifestlye change, not a diet and not a fad. In 25 years of dieting I have learnt tons!

Our approach to this lifestyle is..

  1. Change your eating habits and turn into a balanced low-carb, whole foods diet. Low carbs will typically mean low cals, so you don’t need to count. By balanced we mean: added fats, some good protein, nuts, and fruits and tons of veggies!
  2. Move! We propose a fitness program (which we will soon make available) based on some cross-fit, and some exercise with stress on breathing and energy management, such as, yoga, pilates or any martial art. Swimming could be an option too.
  3. Hydrate! Drink tons of water. We promote the consumption of alkaline drinks, water and green tea.
  4. Spices can help you boost your metabolism and alkalize your body aiding your weight loss and wellness.
  5. This is a substitute ingredients program more than a sacrifice your favorite foods one. Use stevia as sweetener and vegetable-based flours. Prefer home-made food, avoid all processed and pre-packaged foods.


Bear in mind that this is not an easy fix path, this is a lifestyle choice. We’re here to help. Keep following us for coaching sessions, nutrition plans, tips and recommended programs. Make your body healthier starting today!


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