Fitter AND Healthier? Yes! It IS Possible!

Hello dear followers!

Do you feel drowsy and tired after eating? Do you have dificulty concentrating? Do you have any of the following allergies, IBS, reflux, sugar sensitivity, lactose intolerance?

What if I told you, there is a remedy for all of this, no medicine? It’s actually fairly easy and it all has to do with your food choices! I might sound insistant but here’s the deal: zero simple carbs! Zero! Simple carbs have no added nutritional value for our diet, but calories, which you can get from more nutritious choices like whole foods are.

This progarm will help you reduce aging, prevent: cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease; combat bacteria such as lyme while improving your ability to burn fat, give you energy and make your mind sharper. In other posts, I have already spoken about why I built this program so I won’t go into further detail. But why would that be? Actually it is ONE ingredient that either causes or feeds most of this, and that ingredient is sugar. See? Sugar is a natural inflammatory. Which means, our body’s ability for optimal function is impaired; fat is more eaisly accumulated and it’s commonly accumulated as visceral fat (tummy fat), which is associated with illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The brain issue is the most common side effect of sugar including: fatigue, feeling drowsy after eating, and brain fog (lack of focus, impaired mental acuity and memory loss).  Sugar also feeds all bad cells as cancer and bacteria eat sugar.

Which is why this diet is based on a Ketogenic approach. Our approach is different as well, because we designed this program as primal ELIMINATING all processed, prepackaged and canned foods (but fish in water). Guess which the main preservative is? SUGAR!

Pick your foods wisely, you won’t regret it!

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