How to Eat Healthier – Explained in a Flash!

In this article I would like to shed some light about metabolism while on this program.
It has been claimed that quitting on carbs will make your metabolism slower. While on this program, what will allow for your metabolism to go faster are five things:
1) Eliminating all processed and packaged foods – the main preservative in them is sugar and salt and something called sodium glutamate – that last one, boosts the cravings and indigestion and is a reknowed allergen.This is a primal diet to be best, so most home-made even yogurt and sausage.
2) Cutting up on carbs will boost your metabolism SO LONG as you pack up on veggies and/or fiber and water. Best if said water has lemon/lime or citric wedges, a pinch of salt and stevia. It will allow for you to be better hydrated.
3) Choosing warm, room temperature or chilled drinks over cold ones. Warm drinks not only help fat out of your system, but will also aid your digestion.
4) Spicing your food up – spices as cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric help you boost your metabolism, and aid digestion amongst many other benefits.
5) Move! Walk if you may, 20 mins after every meal.
Keep in mind that the best way to start a diet is fasting for 1 day and cleansing your colon before starting. By fasting, I mean drinking all your meals – broths, smoothies,etc.. And by cleansing I am referring to added fiber, castor oil, etc.. ONE time during the day. This when you’re constipated or feeling heavy (not more than one day, and not more than once a week – ideally, less).
This program is based on a diet prescribed y a physician in the United States.
And remember.. The quality of your food and the quality of your fitness will soon translate in the quality of your life!
In the end, “Food IS Love.” – Anthony Robbins.
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