How My Diet Changed My Life in 30 Days!

Hello there!

Here is my story. I am not trying to convince you to drop or change your eating habits, for now. However, I DO hope for my story to inspire some changes into it.

First of all, just to be clear, I am defining diet as food choices, and a lifestyle; if you may, an eating regime. I don’t count calories, portions, points or anything else. I learned how to listen to my body, that’s all.

Now, into my story… I had very llittle work, and my work choices were toxic, no couple and was battling chronic depression. Most days I would find it hard to wake up, I was in constant stress and my Fight or Flight natural stress reaction had become Flee or Flight. I felt in need of fire and passion in my life, but found it hard to find any.

I came to an online support group for couples and people into looking for one. I found a community there, and I have spent many joyful hours there. We shared about life, work, diet, exercise, cooking tips and recipes and at times couples. In that chat room, the constant conversation was about self-respect and how there is no short-cut to fitness but exercise AND diet. I had been packing up some weight in the danger zones, belly but and thighs. Not much, but still. My OB had told me that area was mainly water and highly responsive to cortisol (the stress hormone that makes up pack-up water and visceral fat in our bodies). I knew I was stressed, and I found it hard to be reduced anytime soon.

At that time, I ran into a great book for weight-loss, I stopped eating pre-packaged and processd foods (including cold cuts but prosciuto and bacon). The result was amazing, within 3 days, my energy was instantly higher, and instead of sleeping 8+ hours and waking up still tired, I started sleeping 6 – 7 hours and woke up (no alarm clock) feeling refreshed! However, the diet that the Dr prescribed made me dehydrated, because of the heat, and the food sacrifice was immense, NO SUBSTITUES for my FAVORITE foods! And I lost little weight in one month, nothing more than one pound or so. BUT my DEPRESSION was basically GONE, my nasal ALLERGIES were GONE, my LACTOSE INTOLERANCE was GONE, REFLUX DISEASE? GONE too!

A friend from the community that soon became more than that, gave me the diet his MD had prescribed. So I started desigining this program, based on a Ketogenic Diet, with Alkaline foods and Ayurvedic guidelines (the great weight-loss book is based on Ayurveda). The Ketogenic diet is high on fats, moderate protein and low carbs. Hard? Not at all! See?

  1. I stopped counting – calories, points and portions.
  2. I got to know “real” hunger, not just the craving caused from chemicals and being “satisfied” but malnourished from simple carb intake.
  3. I get to eat my FAVORITE FOODS so long as I substitute grain-based products for other low-carb ones (ie, flour for almond, coconut or tapioca meal *this last one the highest carb choice).
  4. Substitue sugar for stevia! And stevia is even known to heal!
  5. PLUS.. I ACTUALLY spend less (not counting the future medical bills)! Home-made and whole foods are, in the end, cheaper than pre-packaged, processed ones. For example, have you ever noticed how a low-fat, lactose-free milk is actually more expensive than whole? – a note to this sugar is addictive and one of the lead preservatives, which WILL keep you hungry AND malnourished.

Image result for freedom silhouette images black and white

The result? My energy levels have spiked! And my Hypoclycemic tendencies have vanished! And now? NOW I’m shedding pounds, and fat, and stress to the point I am being able to make my dreams come true! You might say, I can bear witness to the fact that the quality of your life IS the quality of your food choices.

I know I cannot and will not be able to buy a minute more on earth, not one minute more of what I’m supposed to live. Life expectancy has grown massively, your Diet choices are then, more related to the quality of how you will live!

This is my experience, I started on this for spiritual growth, to find fire in my soul, to battle depression; I continued to help a loved one heal.. and now? Now I WANT to help the world HEAL! And I Want to HELP You Conquer the LIFE and Body of Your Dreams. Each pound less = more power to do more!

Want to come with?



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