Unstoppable, Successful, Satisfied You!

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Meet the Unstoppable, Successful, Satisfied You!

My mission is to guide top leaders redefine Peak Performance and go to higher levels through the drive of purpose and the energy of balance.

I help top leaders turn burnout into balance so they can achieve the fulfilling life they’ve always worked for.

My motto is “Achieve the Success you Want, Living the life you Crave”.

I am here to help you soar!

I started Coaching as a Performance Coach and Internal Business Consultant. In that position, I learned how to help senior management define their goals and achieve their goals and to drive their team to be motivated by making their Mission and Vision for their area contagious. Through the years I learned whether working for a Corporate office or as a Coach the immense value motivation and drive have to the achieving goals and getting consistent results. I also discovered that the most powerful leverage for both, motivation and drive is purpose; giving a powerful meaning to your goals and dreams.

I, myself, have changed my life through my own coaching techniques, and this, is my story:

I overcame the hurt and very low self-esteem of dealing with some narcissistic relationships, a toxic marriage and a toxic job.

What pulled me through this, was being re-born. literally the night I made the decision to get a divorce as the toxic job was already dying on me – as I lost my most important client and my income.

Then, I dedicated myself to reading about empowerment and rebuilding my life.

Some time after that, a wonderful friend taught me the importance of living for a purpose larger than myself, self-love and self-empowerment through unconditional, positive self-acceptance – starting by loving my chubby body, and exercising to improve my well-being. I exercised 2 hours a day every day.

I finally turned my life around by joining an online community that became my favorite “College Canteen” and starting a diet that finally broke my plateau. In that group, I met my best friend, love of my life and now husband. (Also, quite literally, the man of my dreams). So my short-term results are that: I am now married to the love of my life, on my way to finally achieving a super hot body; and building a coaching empire in which I am re-defining peak-performance through the power of purpose and balance..

Yes! My practice is inspired in my own success story.

The picture on my e-card is me in Vegas the trip I started living my dreams!

So, if you would like to discover your own personal power and be driven by a purpose even larger than yourself and you lead a fulfilling life you love, contact me! What ar you waiting for? You’re one click away of finding the Unstoppable Successful Satisfied You!

What are you waiting for? Come! Get your FREE Your Keys to Fulfilled Success Session Today!
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