My mission is to guide top busy over-achievers radically diminish or eliminate stress to build a better balance and fulfillment.

Experience moving from burnt-out and striving to  having more balance and thriving.

I am here to help you soar!

To begin, I left a toxic job and a toxic relationship.

Those led me to Coaching wellness and purpose.

I struggled with how or why I had allowed these two (the toxic job and the toxic relationship) into my life: it all boils down to being addicted to burn-out.

Weird? Not really, I couldn’t stand being alone with my feelings of rejection in relationships and eventually in jobs that fell miles short from the original offer.

I was not enjoying my life AT ALL. I even thought that I hated my life…

I constantly wondered about the meaning of life and I knew there HAD to BE more to life than 9 to 5. Like a balanced life; one in which success did not have to mean sacrificing health, relationships or success itself. One in which I could spend time with my loved ones, keep fit, do charity, be successful and thrive without burning out.  And I knew some (even if a few) that seemed to have it all!

My 9 to 5 job turned into a 6 AM at the office and 10 PM still working from home with no lunch break, etc… And, yes, at times receiving work calls on Sundays at 11 PM so I married the man that was available.

This, of course, replicated and multiplied my toxic patterns.

My lack of balance came to the point of my saying we should have meetings at breakfast after exercising. Of course, my efforts fell through.

God had mercy on me; yes, I am a Christian. (A “Universe joke” was that at my 40th birthday cake, I actually blew FOUR ZEROS as candles, and no, this was not planned). … I even said, I was ready to start a new countdown, but I didn’t know that a massive life cleansing was about to start. Soon after I lost my main client and income, I got a divorce.

A friend suggested I build routines, so, I did. I looked for a new relationship. Thanks to the online world, I did!

I met the man of my dreams and love of my life who I married shortly after.

This is how I found my niche as an online coach, but there is more to the story. I burned out at my previous job because of gaining too many additional contracts and not being able to bear my own feelings; so I took up more than I could handle. My job became one of impossible schedules and impossible workload. One of my first online clients came to me with this exact burnout because her biz had grown too fast. And there’s more; some of the top-management I catered to, had the exact same problem. But not the ones who seemed to have it all (whom I observed quietly). The “star” ones had five things in common:

1. A Spiritual practice,

2. Honest, loving relationships – starting with that with themselves.

3. They kept fit,

4. They established clear boundaries,

5. They had no toxic behaviors, not even burn-out!

So, I made it my life mission to replicate this exact same model for me and those around me, because I want to help the world heal from within.

What about the results?

Well, they are inspired on the “stars” those with the highest quality of life, success and relationships. The people I saw thrive in all areas of their lives.

It is inspired in the strategies and routines that I have changed my life with, but also used to help others succeed.

These Strategies are built to aid you in reinventing your habits, relationships and goals, so you make your success serve you and you live to thrive while becoming fitter and stronger while looking and feeling younger by healing from within.

So, Come, #RISE to #RAWR, #Live2Soar!

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