Hi and welcome to our page!

Our mission is to help making the world fitter, stronger and more fullilled our motto is Balanced Meals N Balanced Schedues To Help You Soar!  We will help you achieve your dreams by making sustainable weight-loss and fitness your first and key result. Your body is your temple and you will improve your connection with God, Sprit or Source while at it!

We are here to guide and support you into leading healthier lifestyle, a life in equilibrium is a balanced life. And a balanced life naturally leads to expanding love, abundance, joy, peace and SUCCESS!

We can help you change the patterns that make your input unhealthy, through 1) Diet and fitness, 2) Healing your emotions and primary wounds, 3) Having a quiet and open mind.

Our techniques are aimed at helping you heal by achieving your ideal weight at any age, letting go of emotional patterns that hurt you and get a quiet and prodcutive mind. 

Our program also holds a big impact on your health by helping you be free of that what is holding you down and weighing you in. A healthier body freer form symptoms, a healing heart through dealing with your primary wounds and a mind connected to source through all of the above and breathing techniques.


We’re here to help you Soar!

What are you waiting for? Unveil your best You and start making your dreams come true!

To your health!



One thought on “Live in Balance and Get Ready to Soar!!!

  1. Can you do anything to help a poor fat lady on a fixed income who needs to lose about 70 to 80 lbs. I am also disabled which makes a lot of exercises impossible to do? I’m sure there is nothing you can do to help me but I thought it didn’t hurt to ask.

    Hi Tina! Yes, I can help you! Or rather, we can. I will be publishing a book on this shortly. It will be available on Kindle and on Pdf from this site! We’d love to be of help!


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