My mission is to guide boss babes shine through emotional stress in time of crisis so they design and live a life they adore living!.

It’s time for you to thrive through times of crisis and

radical change and #ShowUpVictorious

 I am here to help you soar!


Some years ago, I left a toxic job and a toxic marriage… at the same time! So, I ended up with most nothing to do, 100 USD as a monthly income, no pet to come home to (the one I had adopted died on me) and lots of free time!!!  My gift?  Helping boss babes shine through emotional stress in times of crisis.

When I got my wish, or came out semi-victorious from those two… I struggled with how or why I had allowed so much self-hurt into my life –  As I also realized I had done both to please others, or to belong… because “I needed to mature” or “In the meantime”.

I hated my life! I cried often, passed out sleeping heavily but rarely resting and constantly wondered what my purpose was and couldn’t stand being alone with my feelings of rejection in relationships, all fell short from what I deserved AND from what I desired.

God had mercy on me; yes, I am a Christian. and a massive life cleansing started shortly after my 40th birthday . A few months into the 4th floor, I lost my main client and income, and I got a divorce. All actions towards healing, all leaving a vacuum behind.

A friend suggested I build routines, so, I did. I looked for a new relationship. Thanks to the online world, I did!

I met the man of my dreams and love of my life who I married shortly after.

What I discovered was precious, thou… and I’ve made it my mission to share it so to help the world heal.

Right here and right now, in the middle of the crisis (whether personal or environmental),  you have one of the most precious gifts in life, one you (most likely) complained about not having, and that is TIME!

And it is right at this time you can heal yourself from within and build a life you adore living!

How exciting is that?!

While working with me you will find and learn the tools and techniques that have helped me and my clients to shine from emotional stress in times of crisis. Which include>

1. A Spiritual practice,

2. Honest, loving relationships – starting with that with themselves.

3. They kept fit,

4. They established clear boundaries,

5. They had no toxic behaviors, not even burn-out!

Are you ready to, #RISEnRAWR, #Live2Soar and #ShowUpVictorious?

What are you waiting for? Come!

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