Unshakeable Balance – Feel.Nourish.Heal!!

Hi and welcome to our page!

Our mission is to help making the world fitter, stronger and more fullilled to achieve Unshakeable BalanceWe will help you achieve Unshakeable Balance from within Our tools? Healing of key emotions, a sustainable diet and fitness. Your body is your temple and we’re here to help you soar!

Feel. By contacting those emotions that keep you hung-up in foods and behaviors that prevent you from losing weight or keeping to a diet.

Nourish. By selecting those foods that will make your body energetic, full and a fat-burning machine.

Heal. A balanced body is capable to heal itself naturally. By healing emotions, choosing nourishing by nature and moving the human body is designed to self-regulate into health.

Under the added weight principle that states that whatever is holding you down and weighing you in, comes from within. So, freeing excesive weight will add to your healing and success naturally.

Our unique program is focused on three of the key spheres of Wellness: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual (this latter as our phyiscal healing proposal contemplates breathing and meditative fitness practices such as Kung-Fu and Yoga.

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1 thought on “Unshakeable Balance – Feel.Nourish.Heal!!

  1. Can you do anything to help a poor fat lady on a fixed income who needs to lose about 70 to 80 lbs. I am also disabled which makes a lot of exercises impossible to do? I’m sure there is nothing you can do to help me but I thought it didn’t hurt to ask.

    Hi Tina! Yes, I can help you! Or rather, we can. I will be publishing a book on this shortly. It will be available on Kindle and on Pdf from this site! We’d love to be of help!


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